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  1. Steering Wheel Vibration

    Just be happy that you don't have the dreaded death wobble that all us lucky people get after spending 70k on a pickup truck from FORD. NOW THAT WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION!!! First time it happened to me I think I cut some additional ventilation holes in my new king ranch leather, and let me tell...
  2. 2017 GT350 Lloyds trunk mats Shaker or not?

    Dron_jones why doesn't the mat in your trunk go all the way to the edge? Is that typically how they are supposed to fit? I'm not knocking anything just curious.
  3. 2017 GT350 Order Guide

    Does anyone know if you can combine the convenience package, I.e. comfortable seats, in the R?
  4. Let the flaming begin.....yet another rumor

    I think they were trying to determine if mammary protuberances were effected by the change in the atmosphere..
  5. FS: 2016 GT350R GR0184

    How much?
  6. Canada dealer clearing out 2016 GT350 @ $2000 below msrp

    All i know is that i tried to contact you for help with pricing and sourcing and you posted a rant here.. If you want to put some substance behind what you preach why not help a fellow out? - I want a new 17 R they have them in Canada, want to help me? Ok.. How do i buy the bastard? I got cash...
  7. Canada dealer clearing out 2016 GT350 @ $2000 below msrp

    I just tried to talk to the guys in Canada, and the scoop is they cant sell cars period to anyone in United States, So why in the heck are they advertising these cars here?
  8. Canada dealer clearing out 2016 GT350 @ $2000 below msrp

    The Speedometer is in Kph how does the actual printed letter on the speedo change? I understand that the electronic Odometer can be changed, but i was concerned with the Speedo..
  9. Canada dealer clearing out 2016 GT350 @ $2000 below msrp

    Good Morning all, long time lurker, first time posting. I am about ready to jump on the bandwagon and was wondering if the Canadian cars can be switched back to standard units instead of imperial, also was wondering if there is any issue with bringing them back across the border, and then will...