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  1. BC racing sway bar endlink

    What's the purpose of it? I see it comes with the kit but I picked up some BC coilovers and it didn't have it with them. Do I need them?
  2. Ebay Headers

    They bungs were welded on the wrong side. Looks like after it was caught they just re-drilled and welded new bungs. We had this issue on my friends car when we did the Chef style headers. No issues on my job style ones.
  3. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this

    When I removed the H pipe I had to add about 7-8" of 3" exhaust piping. I would suggest having this welded as its not mean to be clamped and will leak.
  4. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this You will need to hack off the old crimped down portion to mate up to 3" and add some extensions pieces but thats it.
  5. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this

    Basically. The problem with magnaflow is it isn’t a X pipe but a double Y
  6. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this

    yes. It lines up perfectly with aftermarket headers like 2M. Add some 3” tubing on the back side and you have a replacement for you H or X pipe.
  7. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this

    stop looking at the picture and read the description.
  8. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this

    I wouldn't say its a muffler, it doesn't really have chambers. I can see the X pipe design inside and the perforated holes that allow all the unwanted sound to get trapped inside the resonator. Big reason 3" bottle resonators don't work well is they don't have the packing necessary to dampen...
  9. GT350 HE in UK?

    America won't buy NHS, so don't worry. Brexit will never happen also. Wise words of an American.
  10. Is your 3" exhaust too loud or drones too much? Try this

    I too had a loud exhaust. I did 2M catless headers and paired with a full 3" AWE touring exhaust the inside drone and noise was just too much but I didn't want to do bottle resonators or high flow cats. That led me on a search. I know Magnaflow does some resonated X's but nobody seems to do...
  11. Need a new pulley bearing- Procharger HO kit

    I’m in need of a new bearing or pulley/bearing combo. This is for the passenger side tensioner that Procharger supplies with the HO kit. ATI 3FWBB-002 I need the pulley or bearing from that part any ideas on aftermarket sizes?
  12. Header install question

    We removed my friend's GT350 manifolds with the cats installed. Those nuts are pretty much welded on and trying to use extensions, swivels, etc. to get them off from up top you lose all your breaking torque with the flex going through that stuff.
  13. Procharger False Knock

    Longtubes were installed and cats are gone. I did look at them and they weren't blown out so it was probably the flex pipe just making noise. Going to reinstall the original IC pipe and pro flow valve. Only other things I can think of is the clutch? or the belt tensioner. Still had knock on...
  14. Procharger False Knock

    Yes I do have cats. During the oil change the other day I tapped the exhaust with my palm and could hear stuff rattling around near the flex pipe on the passenger side. They will be coming off soon anyways so I'll update. Long tubes have been sitting in the garage for almost a year now along...
  15. Procharger False Knock

    I don't think it's that. Car was fine at first but now it's troubled. Its gotten worse to the point if I step on it hard enough to rock the motor it registers knock
  16. Procharger False Knock

    Is it like an inside joke? Im lost
  17. Procharger False Knock

    yes HO D1 kit. Id like to keep it if I can sort this knock issue out.
  18. Procharger False Knock

    11-12 psi up top and 94 octane. Car will run all the way to 7500rpms and add timing. Its when I shift hard or blip the throttle back to back is when it registers knock. The tensioner could be sending harmonics into the motor with all the belt movement
  19. Procharger False Knock

    stock manifolds and stuff. No Man inlet and I've tapped the exhaust and checked it for hitting anything. Its about to get 2M headers and AWE touring thats sitting on my garage floor. I've gone over this stuff like 30 times and can't find anything. I'm thinking it may be the belt tensioner...
  20. Procharger False Knock

    Lund tuned it. It was fine at first but seemed to get worse and worse over the past 2 years. I've emailed them already about the sensors, awaiting reply.