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  1. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    So the 3” pipe where you measured the 6psi, is after all the factory connects and smaller diameter pieces? If yes, then looks like larger diameters are needed to reduce back pressure more. Assuming your mufflers are true 3” and not those ones with louvers that make the ID effectively 2.25”
  2. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    I made the same changes when I swapped to a magnum. I didn’t have to make any torque management changes. If you are getting torque management issues after the swap you could disable the gearbox protection and driveshaft protection, etc to see if that makes the problem go away. Also, I made a...
  3. Crazy DSS DS Vibration at 60+mph

    Looks like 1,500hp: I ordered mine with sonnax slip yoke and sonnax rear adapter flange. The rear adapter flange is aluminum and the whole shaft is a quality piece. Edit: I’m Tremec XL, MT-82 won’t use the...
  4. Driveshaft Shop Products SUCK!

    Same experience here, DSS stuff is cheap junk. I’ve had half shafts wear out after 8 months of use and a driveshaft that vibrated so badly I couldn’t use it. Eventually threw it away and got a QA1, problem solved.
  5. Crazy DSS DS Vibration at 60+mph

    Same here, my aluminum DSS driveshaft vibrated so bad I couldn’t use the car above 80mph and tried everything to improve the issue. DSS told me to reinstall all the rubber bushings to absorb the vibration. So I got a QA1 driveshaft and it worked right out the box, no issues at all. DSS is...
  6. Throttle response or lack of under boost

    I got lazy and made all my “Borderline” timing tables 4degrees less than my “MBT” tables. Seems to work well with no noticeable lag on shifts and pedaling.
  7. Carbon Fiber Decklid/Trunk Recommendations?

    I have this one: It designed for his wing, which I also have. The whole setup is very light, but if you are looking for OEM fit and finish, then you should just get a second lid as other have selected.
  8. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Awesome, thanks for response. Can you still use the stock battery after your mods to the battery box? I use the lightweight for track and the stock battery for weekend play.
  9. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Thinking about getting that same battery. G30. Did you get the charger as well or don’t worry about that?
  10. 10:1 compression gen 2

    I’m 10:1 compression with gen 2 heads. At 10psi to 11psi I’m getting 800whp.
  11. Cortex electronic boost controller

    Yes, still very happy with mine, use it for boost by gear by rpm and it does a great job. Guys who consider the cortex are usually put off by the install which requires a engine speed signal and an OSS speed signal. Also there are a ton of programming and setup features that can be...
  12. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    See post 594, 595 and 598 for what you need to do.
  13. Loss of Power on Track

    Are you stock tune? If yes then the ecu has a ton of things it does to “protect” various parts when the engine is run hard. It adds fuel and pulls timing and can even pull rpm in extreme cases. Even if you do mechanical cooling mods a stock tune will still drop power by adding fuel and pulling...
  14. Boost Controllers....discuss

    I have the Cortex and love it. Car is manual. The cortex can do 8 gears, so boost by gear would probably be bottom 8 gears with 8,9 and 10 the same duty cycle. Or you could ask them to create a beta version software for each of 10 gears, their customer support is great.
  15. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    Doesn’t melt up to 245F. I use the white corrugated sign board from Lowe’s. Also the heavy duty duct tape keeps it stuck to side of radiator. The plastic is so much easier to work with, slightly flexible, cuts with a box knife and cheap. Works fine for me.
  16. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    No metrics. Only thing I kept track of was how long I could drive flat out for until temps got into 240’s and then I’d need to pull rpm. The most effective mod was definitely the boxed rad, and the more effort I put into completely sealing it the better the result. The hood vents were...
  17. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    I also have track vents, and they definitely help.
  18. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    Here is what I mean. My mishi is keeping a 600hp TT cool in the Texas heat. The incoming air is forced through the coolers, can’t escape around any of the 4 sides.
  19. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    If you haven’t sealed all four sides of your radiator then you will get overheating no matter what you do. And I mean properly sealed in, as in NO air that enters the front can bypass the radiator. This step is the most important for effective cooling. Most guys use aluminum sheet, but I’m not...
  20. NACA brake cooling duct project