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  1. California Borla Stype axle back

    Yes still available. I have had a few PMs I responded to this morning.
  2. California Borla Stype axle back

    forgot about the forum for a minute. Bump price drop to 200 for local pickup. that 100 for each Borla muffler!
  3. California Borla Stype axle back

    Sorry gents local pickup only. UPS wants $90 to ship a single muffler lol
  4. California Ford GT350 Air Intake Ford FMC-FR3Z-9600-J

    Yes you do. I ran it with the frpp stage 2 tune for a bit then later with a Lund tune.
  5. California Ford GT350 Air Intake Ford FMC-FR3Z-9600-J

    Lowered price. OBO. Someone make me an offer
  6. California Borla Stype axle back

    Yup still available
  7. California Ford GT350 Air Intake Ford FMC-FR3Z-9600-J

    I don't think it's a direct fit. This is a response I found from lethalperformance in May 2018. But yes I'd ship if buyer pays. But your probably best off with a 18+ specific kit :)
  8. Bye guys thanks for all the help but I got a...

    If you want a manual, by all means get it. The gearing is setup well on the car so it deals with traffic really well, and the clutch is not that heavy, its a very daily use able manual. The auto is really good on the cars as well. For 33k for a 18 1le SS, thats so much bang for buck. The 1le...
  9. California Borla Stype axle back

    Still available. Cash paypal, Venmo only.
  10. California Borla Stype axle back

    Bump for price drop. Need the room in the garage. Final bump.
  11. Bummed after driving ‘17 2SS

    Cheap and easy to buy? Man have you shipped a Camaro? I could have got three mustangs within my range but I had to drive over an hour away for a 1le after searching for 8 months. And no they don't really want to play deals until December. The mustangs are much much easier to find and work with.
  12. Bummed after driving ‘17 2SS

    So what happens when you mod the Camaro? Also seeing 1ss for around 30k new , 1le your looking at 40+k. Ergonomics is opinion. Actually prefer how I fit in the Camaro over the mustang. For 7k over a 1ss you get a 1le with magnetic suspension, oil cooler, trans cooler, LSD off the zl1, upgraded...
  13. California Borla Stype axle back

    Just what's pictured. I do have a hearthrob H pipe but my exhaust guy cut it so the pipe would need to be extended beyond the H. I'll probably just give that out
  14. California Borla Stype axle back

    Bump for price drop
  15. Bye guys thanks for all the help but I got a...

    Actually last night was the first time ha. And ya I didint have any issues. Though I don't typically buy the 5 Foot brontasarous thigh like I used to (kid). If I had young kids, a bigger family, this wouldn't be the car. Then again we got a 09 mazda6 that's our local grocery getter. I...
  16. Bye guys thanks for all the help but I got a...

    Ya different strokes different folks no prob with a ,350. The 1le does have magnetic ride and in comfort it works really well on daily roads. Not sure about the zl1. On track setting it's too much but after all it's meant for a track. And ya sales numbers lower on Camaro and I love the fact...