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  1. AWE Touring vs Borla ATAK

    Both are great catbacks but I would have to side with AWE exhaust for the less drone cabin noise. We sell them here at Please send me a message and I can get you taken care of with best possible price.
  2. Kooks Green Cats?

    Kooks green cats are the most durable cats you can buy. I have not heard of anyone failing an emissions test with them. We sell them here at
  3. Got My Lethal Performance LPX-HD clutch and flywheel installed today

    @fuelforfire87 knocked it out of the park. Just follow Mcleod's break in procedure and you will be good to go! Keep in mind the break in procedure is very important with a clutch kit. Please feel free to send me a private message if you have anymore questions!
  4. Got My Lethal Performance LPX-HD clutch and flywheel installed today

    I would go with the LPX if I were you for that application.
  5. Got My Lethal Performance LPX-HD clutch and flywheel installed today

    That LPXHD is rated for 1000hp so it will have a bit stiffer pedal feel vs the LPX which is rated for 800. Both are great clutches and we sell a ton of them. The kevlar discs were used because they don't cause a lot of wear or tear on a MT82 transmission but still have amazing clamping power. If...
  6. Where To Find Ford Performance Cams?

    They are unfortunately on a backorder. If you have any questions about them or would like to place an order give us a call and we can help!
  7. 2021 tuning options?

    Your current options are to go with Lund racing or Palm Beach Dyno. Lund Racing uses the RTD and Palm Beach Dyno uses their Ucal device. We sell both of their tunes and devices here at Message me or give me a call if you have any questions. 561.753.8105
  8. Coincidence? Catch can and cel/knock

    A catch can should'nt have anything to do with a knock. It could be your evap purge valve being faulty again. I replaced it twice on the Mrs's Ecoboost RS1. What brand catch can are you using and unrelated did you gut your PCV on the drivers side?
  9. MMR Cooling Mod, wiring question

    I'd go with option 2 personally.
  10. Mods to active exhaust?

    They make active exhaust catbacks for your car. We sell them all here at Look into the Borla.
  11. PBD vs AED automatic 16 GT shifting characteristics questions

    Lund Racing or Palm Beach Dyno should be able to take care of you on the shift points. AED does make a great tune as well but they only tune cars which are stock or intake only. Give me a call at 1.561.753.8105 and I can answer any tuning questions you may have. Thank you.
  12. boomba racing trans mount or cheap insert?

    We sell the whiteline mount here at! Give me a shout if you have any questions. Use code "FBFAN" at checkout to save you some money!
  13. Proof for Corsa's new CAIs (no tune) dyno?

    I'm sure Corsa has the numbers. I think a quick email to them could answer your question. We do have some in stock here at if you want to give one a try!
  14. Whipple 3.8L questions

    Current lead time on those is looking to be about 12 weeks. The 3.8 is capable of making well over 1000+. If you are thinking about placing an order give us a call at 1.561.753.8105. We are Whipples largest dealer we would be glad to assist with any questions you have.
  15. a little bit of drone

    Sounds like you might need some bigger mufflers. Might want to look into an aftermarket axleback or catback. I like Borla.
  16. Best Brake Pads

    I'm a fan of the Hawk pads, we sell a lot of them and people love them.
  17. Turbo Blow Off Valve Adapter - yes / no?

    I had this one on my car and thought it sounded great, I have the same one on my Focus ST as well.
  18. Proof for Corsa's new CAIs (no tune) dyno?

    They are great intakes, they are closed box so you don't get any hot engine bay sucked in. Don't have any dyno proof on gains personally but they are a hot sell here at
  19. Who's Good At Reading Plugs? Pics Inside

    Change the plugs and do an oil change on it. I would still continue to monitor for a possible gasket seepage. These motors are known for it.