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  1. Need Stronger Wheels

    Have had a set of Niche aluminum monoblock rims for about 2yrs and unfortuantely they are just not a match for harsh local roads. I also have a set of forged aluminum rims which should be a bit stronger but dont want to risk them and will probably sell them. Is there any other option besides...
  2. Any posts on TR-3160 swaps?

    Not sure, the labor and all is the same. Maybe just a few parts will be easier to source. 22k miles later trans is still amazing. Makes the car so much nicer. Only thing I wished I had done was add short throw at the time and find a clutch that fit. 2yrs ago it seemed only spec could fit...
  3. New Jersey WTB Oxford White Front Bumper

    Looking for an oxford front bumper for my 16 GT. Located in NJ. Can pickup in surrounding states also.
  4. Any posts on TR-3160 swaps?

    You need the GT350 fly/clutch. GT will not work. The pilot is in the flywheel of the GT350. There are zero conv kits avail for this. Per the shop the mcleod needed a shorter shaft they measured it they said. They did cut the shaft on a magnum to make this work before. The masters are different...
  5. Driveshaft Vibration

    They are 100% different at least for 16'. I know for a fact as the holes will not line up. Maybe different for other years.
  6. Any posts on TR-3160 swaps?

    As far as I know the stock clutch/flywheel works and someone else had used a spec clutch. Shop said mcleod wouldnt work unless the input shaft was shorter. Only throwout bearing available is the OEM GT350 one. You will need the GT350 flywheel bolts or the longer AF ones. Electrical wise the...
  7. Wheel Split in Half

    The Avant Gardes are actually Rotary Forged. The Niche are Cast Monoblock. Just looking at the crack I feel it is easily breakable. Yea I need to look into that..
  8. Wheel Split in Half

    The back side, don't think ill get lucky with a warranty replacement Monday. Probably finish it off and save the new Nitto then sell the set. Is there a better option then flow formed?
  9. Wheel Split in Half

    They should warranty it but not sure. Will check to see if they are. Would love to know of the Avant Garde set I have is because I dont feel like going through this again. Wasnt even a bad hole and im on the stock suspension so im afraid to put a stiffer one on. Front 265/35/20 The rears have...
  10. Wheel Split in Half

    Guess Niche isn't then? I also have a set of Avant Garde. Not sure if they are?
  11. Wheel Split in Half

    Have a set of Niche wheels on my 16' 5.0. Was driving down the highway and hit a moderate pothole in the left hand lane at night. Next I know tire pressure is out and I hear a pop. Just got brand new Nittos. On further inspection the wheel is literally in two pieces on the inside... really makes...
  12. New Jersey Steeda Clutch Assist Spring/Perch

    Brand New Steeda Clutch Assist Spring & Perch. Decided not to use. $85 Shipped.
  13. Not impressed with steeda clutch spring

    Had this perch/spring for about 3.5k miles and have had a bad squeak/noise a few hundred post install to the point where the pedal was getting harder to depress recently on starts. Took a look today and the perch shaft is digging into itself and marred. Way beyond needing grease. Maybe just bad...
  14. Push to start failing?

    Thought I wasnt pushing the clutch down all the way but Ive been having some start issue with push to start. I have to hit it a few times before it will start. At first I thought it was me. Today it would not start at all. Key is detected. With clutch depressed it just does back to off like its...
  15. NEW FRPP Shocks/Struts & Swift Springs

    Someone please take these springs..
  16. Driveshaft Vibration

    Thanks for the info. Took 30mins using the proper tools here but no one does this or knows how most likely. Great series of videos for on vehicle or "system" balancing instead of just guessing.