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  1. Ronin Oil Drain Plug

    Easiest imo is to just punch a small hole (two-three easy hits on a small pointed screwdriver with a rubber mallet) by the bottom of the filter and wait five minutes. Almost all the oil pours out and into the big container I have below for draining the oil. Then just put a plastic bag around...
  2. Paint Protection Film Expectations

    Don't use a knife. What professionals use I believe is a very thin hypodermic needle (thinnest you can find), entering the bubble at an angle. But I think they would only do that with a big bubble. A small bubble and you may make things worse than they are.
  3. FordPass

    Right. I think the date listed on the FordPass app is the time your app last got updated info from Ford's servers, and is (unfortunately) not related to the the time Ford's servers last got updated info from the car. So I think the problem in this case is between your phone/app and Ford...
  4. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Unfortunately not. Member Sivi70980 has tested ( and it seems to not be available for us. I've seen some mention of it in the tune from Ford Performance for 2018+ models, but not seen it confirmed.
  5. Anybody driven the 1LE Camaro?

    Just curious about this small detail (camaro is not an option here, though I also think it looks good), but did you ever try that manoeuvre with the Mustang magneride suspension set to "track"? (Unfortunately that means you have to set the driving mode to track also.) My daily commute has me...
  6. 2019 Mustang GT (Manual) auto rev matching

    Yeah, there's some truth in that. Never was a heel-toe expert before, but after having had rev-match enabled for one and a half year (since a couple of weeks after I got the car, initially I didn't like it), today I made myself cringe. Some practice is definitely in order, and now this thread...
  7. 2019 Mustang GT (Manual) auto rev matching

    Yes, that does indeed seem to be the case. I was not aware of that, but inspired by your posts I also tried disabling rev-match today, and shifting gears upwards became a much more pleasant experience. Shifting down ... not so much.
  8. Audio playback from USB flash drives skipping or glitching

    I play music from the usb drive 99% of the time, mostly mp3, and have never noticed the problem. Might see if it makes any difference if you change what usb port you use (I use the one in the storage box behind the arm rest), though sounds like a weird problem. :-/
  9. hood vent removal?

    Hi, thank you for the warning. I will double check if the tiny raise created by me smearing jb-weld all over will cause a problem when fitting. If it does, hopefully I can cut or sand it down a bit on the top. Should probably do that anyway to reduce scratches on the hood when fitting.
  10. hood vent removal?

    Thanks, that's how I removed it the first time I think, and helped with a panel tool to be extra careful, but unfortunately things broke. I won't be able to remove the screws easily after I've smeared jb-weld all over the casing holding them now, but hopefully I won't need to remove them...
  11. hood vent removal?

    Yes, it is possible. All screws have what I assume is blue loc-tite on them. But if no glue, I'm not sure what would have broken them on removal. :-/
  12. hood vent removal?

    Inside the circle you can see some blue residue which I assume is glue. I don't understand why they would put glue there (though I guess it could also be blue loc-tite that was spilled), but it was similar on all four corners. When I lifted up the vents from the hood, part of the plastic...
  13. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    That looks fun. Post some videos too. ;-)
  14. hood vent removal?

    Just adding here since this is the first hit I got when searching for how to remove them: My 2020 Mustang very unfortunately had some glue affixed between the vent underside and the hood. For what I have no idea. Even though I was careful when removing the vents a few days ago, and also...
  15. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    30 feet? 9 meters? What? This is not a recommendation yet, but you can also have a look at this: I bought it a year ago (the 1 feet wide, 2 feet long size), but have unfortunately not installed...
  16. Mach 1 @ NCM. Miserably hot.

    Nice. Always fun when there's someone in front who you're trying to catch. How many laps did you do like that? No overheating problems? I know my unmodified PP1-like (Europe) car would not be able to handle many laps like that without having to start alternating cool down laps.
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Short piece of rubber hose on top of the strut rod. You hear that, ice445?
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Nah, you only need one hand to raise the hood with hood struts. One hand to release the catch, and then same hand to start the raise before the struts take over. Don't think I've ever used two hands to raise the hood after I installed the redline hood struts. Got tired of burning my fingers...