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  1. Former Mustang Chief Engineer Insists Your V8 Is Safe—For Now

    Lithium will likely be phased out before the end of the decade as solid state batteries are the new rage, and are supposed to be safer, better for environment and more powerful. I’ll go where the power is, whether it’s powered by gas, electricity or ground up unicorn horns.
  2. New Mustang Nascar Leaked First Look

    Yeah looks like they’re just taking their styling cues from their current halo car and nothing more. There was about a 0% chance they were going to do anything 7g related on a NASCAR reveal versus a reveal specifically for the Mustang.
  3. 2017 GT Gen5 Whipple stage 2 dyno...holy smokes!!

    Did the dyno operator not know 5th gear is the direct 1 to 1, not 4th?
  4. New 1400rwhp TT build finally hits the Dyno

    Curious, why’d you choose to stick with high compression with all that boost?
  5. Fixing the notorious "Tramlining" issues with running wide front tires on your S550 with the Steeda 2 Point G Trac Brace!

    Exactly. I live in AZ now with decent roads and my 275s up front never have an issue. In MA with 265’s it was a workout just driving down the street.
  6. 2020 Shelby GT500 Bummer news

    Regardless of how much you spend on a car, they’re made by man and will fail. It’s inevitable. Obviously one would hope that it happens a lot further down the road but at least theres a warranty. Would it be better if it happened at 60001 miles and folks had to pay out of pocket?
  7. Ford Rocks ........... Whoo Hooo

    Very nice, now let’s get some lowering springs on her! Lot of wheel gap up front.
  8. Boost and Cats

    I’ve been running 10 psi for 20k miles with zero issues on my catted car. If it’s tuned properly it’s not an issue and under forced induction the gains are minimal from removing them. My opinion is remove them if you want to change the sound, not for performance gains. 20 years ago, yes, not...
  9. Wireless Apple CarPlay

    Does it have to plug in under the radio to work versus the console? If I’m gonna have cords visible I’m just gonna plug my phone in at that point so I get the benefit of being charged at the same time.
  10. “Next Gen” Mustang Will be Electric (EV) Only Claims Autoline

    And all you’ll hear from the EV’s... is the sound of no one caring....
  11. Infographic: 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels Combine Performance and Art

    They’re performance pack 2 wheels with a vaguely GM looking design below it. Not exactly earth shattering design.
  12. 10r80 swap

    That’s a really useful contribution. Congratulations.
  13. 10r80 swap

    I would imagine he already has an 18 plus car. Otherwise I’m not aware of anyone having solved how to get it to work in anything else. The one company working toward it isn’t expected to start beta testing the controller until 21.
  14. I wanted a heritage edition until I saw this. Now I can't unsee it.

    That’s a real first world problem you’ve got there.
  15. SavageGeese's 2020 GT500 in-depth review "Where does it end?"

    Agreed. Really wish Ford would have left the Shelby name in the past and just stuck with the Cobra / Cobra R monikers. Shelby makes their own performance version of the Mustang, no need for Ford to throw Shelby’s name on their own version. Just my opinion.
  16. Arizona Quarter window graphics 3 designs and counting

    Just the black area, the white is just the vinyl backer. Correct on color.
  17. Arizona Quarter window graphics 3 designs and counting

    Prototyping some quarter window graphics, 3 designs to start with more to come in the future. Actual order will be cut on Oracal 651 automotive grade vinyl, always do the prototypes on the inexpensive stuff. Selling for $25 shipped anywhere in the US, will obviously contain a left and a right...
  18. 90% of my Cervinis GT500 hood arrived today

    I was not able to get the one off that I tried without rendering it unusable. At least, I personally wouldn’t use again. Hardware store should have something similar in stock. Luckily I was supplied a few extra with mine.