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  1. Buying parts in Niagara Falls

    Yea, had a ton of stuff sent to our hotel in St Louis 2 years back, got to the hotel and never realised how big the boxes are for car mats and rad covers, no wonder it costs so much to get stuff sent to the UK.
  2. Buying parts in Niagara Falls

    Love the Falls, be my 3rd time, I have been lucky enough to have travelled all over the planet, but for me the Falls is still the best, yes we are staying on the Canadian side, at the Oakes. how do I go about renting a PO Box ? thanks
  3. Test Drive on a Mustang E

    Hi, I hope someone can help me I will be at the Falls for 5 days in May and would love a test-drive in the new Mustang E Anyone know when they will be in the showrooms, and any dealers I can contact online to arrange this? thank you
  4. Buying parts in Niagara Falls

    Hi, I hope someone can help me I will be at the Falls for 5 days in May and want to buy some parts online, So they are waiting for me, So I can just go and collect them. Am after a few spare Puddle lamps for the BLIS system, as otherwise have to get them sent to the UK. As I have 1 of only 2...
  5. Who Has A Deposit on a Mach E

    When is it coming into the dealerships? I will be in the US in April and May
  6. Any 2019 California Special’s Out There?

    Have one but she is a 2016, :-)
  7. My first Mustang! disappointment!

    reading your story has reminded me of my adventure. I had a S197 for 4 years, So I was used to driving a Lefty in London (UK), decided I wanted a black auto vert S550, but then saw all the toys on the US one, so decided to get her factory built in February 2016, and she was built in late March...
  8. Ford buy back attempt 2018 Mustang GT “typewriter tick/rattle.”

    In the UK, a lot of people think it's to do with the wrong oil being put in after a service. But it's been spoken about for a long time, even independent garages who know the car inside out, are not sure. but No Way on the planet should it be called Normal. I have a California Special built to...
  9. Hood vents don't match. Is this normal?

    When you lift up the hood, you can see the sky though the holes, a sort of giveaway :cwl::cwl:
  10. Car just got smashed at the shop, need help please

    Cause its the bodyshops fault, the car was under their protection, on their premises
  11. What floor mats did you buy?

    Yep, got a set sent to my hotel last year, when we was in the US, after a year, give the fronts a quick wash and that was it, so easy to clean and a perfect fit for me
  12. London dealer suggestions for new Mustang

    Cant argue with a 10k saving, if my CS was 55 or 60k would not entertain it. As for the warranty Boatwrights give you a 3 year Auto Protect policy Happy driving, but it's not a Stang
  13. London dealer suggestions for new Mustang

    Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo I was lucky with my CS went though Canada, if it was now might be a different story, my car 3 years on, is now cheaper then a Euro spec, and has 6k worth of extras Did u phone the dealers I mentioned? They have lefty S550s in the UK
  14. Saying Goodbye (& Eating Crow)

    But now on the 2018, its the same hood on the US and Euro cars, as for the Euro spec cars, there is still no BLIS easy exit / entry, and we now have the Cruise control, i don't think we have the Cross Traffic
  15. RIP- Black Magic !!

    Heard my old S197 has been seem doing donuts, have not seem at any shows, which i suppose is a good thing. As I looked after her,
  16. London dealer suggestions for new Mustang

    So get a Lefty :-), for me it was just because of the extras, and how much I could get the CS for
  17. Wheel spacers a DIY job?

    Mike done mine with the lowering springs at the same time, I took his advice, and have had no issues for 3 years and the car has been all over Europe,
  18. Removing the Heat Shield ?

    Around £350 $320 and it will be airbrushed as he is around the corner will just take the blanket off. As for other mods, everything to the car has been done inside and out the way I want it. This is the final thing, and only because a friend had it done and it looked so damm cool
  19. Convertible cap replacement

    checked my roof, lucky me, not a mark on it what do you seal yours with? only wash it when the car gets detailed, and she is out in all weathers
  20. Removing the Heat Shield ?

    This is what is going to be painted on my Heat Blanket, not the number 1, as that was number 1 of 8 ideas