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  1. Roush Catback finally installed on 2021 GT!

    Thanks! No active exhaust just always loud!
  2. Roush Catback finally installed on 2021 GT!

    And it looks sweet! Hardest part was getting the stock exhaust off. Pic and video below Video:
  3. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    By the way, this is how i received one of the duplicate boxes, tips were so damaged from lack of caring / packaging.
  4. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    I think this is a case of being extremely unlucky and at the recieving end of someone in shipping who has no idea how to package items and read labels. The lack of 'caring' from both AM and Roush left a pretty sour taste in my mouth for both Companies. I am completely writing off AM for any...
  5. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    Update: I JUST received my replacement order, and it yet again is WRONG; 4 mufflers, 4 tips, 0 Piping. The funny part is one of the boxes i got had 3-4 labels over each other like it kept getting returned and looked like its been through WW3. AM initially pointed fingers at Roush. I called...
  6. Diode Dynamics Rear Side Marker (Before and After)

    It's a subtle change, but i love it..especially with the new carbonized gray. Next up will be the euro sequential tail lights! (Ordered from LMR, no issues and very fast shipping!)
  7. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    Who know, but they lost me. I placed an order today with LMR. Giving them a shot
  8. 'Auto Armor' etched on side windows?

    This car was ordered and not sitting on the lot, i literally saw it the day it came in and took delivery 2 days later.
  9. 'Auto Armor' etched on side windows?

    I just noticed this today on both the passenger and driver side windows. Both have a lightly etched 'Auto Armor' name with the VIN under it. Is this the window etching service the dealers try to sell you? I ordered my car and opted out of this. I double checked my paperwork and definitely did...
  10. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    Thanks! Unfortunately AM re-ordered it with a 2 week backorder ... this will be my last attempt and if its a mess yet again ill try Summit; thanks!
  11. Lighted Door sill plates

    I have the worst luck. Went this morning and ford sent them the wrong plates.. apparently there are two different plugs on these, and the one they sent was the wrong one
  12. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    As an update, they decided to randomly cancel my reorder, for no reason. I called and noone could tell me why it was canceled. They also only refunded me half of the amount and promised the other half is coming? Gotta love it.
  13. Lighted Door sill plates

    Update: Ford agreed to replace without any issues. I am going this week for them to replace; doesnt look like a complicated job
  14. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    I called roush and they gave me the same timetable unfortunately. I sent out the packages to FedEx today to kick off the return for a replacement order. I'm going to be patient one more time , but I agree, ever since covid it seems like it's been an excuse for companies to not give any damn...
  15. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    Exactly... I got it out to FedEx after all this happened so I can at least get back on the waiting list. It's complete bs. My guess is there's another unhappy customer that received 2 boxes of pipes. I would have been semi okay if they at least sounded like they were going to try their best to...
  16. TERRIBLE Customer Experience

    Are all of these car enthusiast shops managed by toddlers? These sites are making cable companies look golden. Rant: I ordered a Roush Catback Exhaust from AM; it was on backorder for 5 weeks. After patiently waiting and opening the boxes this morning to install (2 boxes), i noticed that i was...
  17. CJ Pony Parts Recapitalization; were they in trouble?

    Maybe the recent endless customer service complaints got to them? Looks like they are working with Century Park to recapitalize. From my own limited personal experience with CJPP, i tried them for...
  18. Where's The [email protected]#*&%g Wiper Blades?

    I know people are recommending Rain-X, but i can't recommend Aqua-Pel enough. The stuff is way better. I have been using it since it was a dealer only thing and never went back!
  19. Lighted Door sill plates

    Waiting for the dealer to call me back today on the verdict, but here's a pic