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  1. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Haha! They were down the street. Sounded like firefighters/paramedics not police.
  2. Mach-E out producing ICE Mustangs

    At this point, you are being just stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. The same way I don't speculate on how we're going to do a catch-return using the SpaceX Starship with it's slew of Raptor engines, my expertise is not the power grid nor technology that has yet been invented. I'm sure...
  3. Mach-E out producing ICE Mustangs

    All these arguments against the eventual electrification of transportation in the United States are ignorant at best and disingenuous at worst. The technology for complete replacement of ICE vehicles for all use cases doesn't exist today. That's a fact. However, that doesn't mean that the...
  4. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    Which is exactly the ethos up and down the Mustang line. Chevy: Track focused car, handles well, sacrifices livability Ford: True grand tourer. Can handle itself on a track and keep up with the "track focused" cars, but doesn't sacrifice the daily experience Dodge: Land bruiser dripping with...
  5. EB vs GT Summertime Powerloss

    A turbo car is literally forcing air into the engine so you're not going to see as much of a loss there at all. The biggest culprit is going to be an open element CAI and IAT temps that are out of control. Since a N/A car relies on dense air at atmosphere, ambient temperature is extremely...
  6. Fake Cars

    And that's what personal taste comes into play. I think the 3.7 badges look quite good myself. But it seems like Up-badging is pretty much universally hated by everyone.
  7. Fake Cars

    Well I delineate between putting custom badges on your vehicle versus putting fake badges. I.E., a V6 badge on an otherwise badge-less V6 is cool, but putting a Shelby badge on a Ecoboost is grounds for execution. That's my $0.02.
  8. Do local Ford Dealers to you have any Mustangs in stock?

    Also remember, allocation of Mustangs goes to the southern states during the winter months in the US. Coupled with the shortages, not surprising there's places with little inventory.
  9. Strut Brace Mach 1

    They come with strut tower braces as well as adjustable strut mounts from factory. 2021 Ford® Mustang Mach 1 | Model Details & Specs
  10. Do local Ford Dealers to you have any Mustangs in stock?

    Lol, tell us how you really feel.... Anyways, depends on where you live. There are 204 new cars in Houston area. 33 GTs 60 GT Pemiums 10 Mach 1s 28 Ecoboosts 24 Mach-Es (this one was to piss you off lol) Comparatively, the Camaro guys have it much worse. There are only 9 new within 50 miles...
  11. 2015 GT Premium with Performance Pack

    (1) Mustangs For Sale | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) -
  12. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Better than what Stellantis is doing, which is absolutely nothing.
  13. Sound of the first electrified BMW M-car

    I, for one, think this sounds cool as hell. It's like a space ship.
  14. Next Gen Mustang Nascar | Ford Performance Release Video

    Unlikely. NASCAR chassis/suspension, engines, and transmissions are all the same requiring modifications to the body of the vehicle. This is due to regulation of shape and aero and nothing to do with future Ford products. For comparison sake, here's the three NASCAR cars side by side. Either...
  15. Next Gen Mustang Nascar | Ford Performance Release Video

    This is just the next gen Nascar. Nothing to do with the S650.
  16. I may have done it! Possibly decent looking caliper covers for rear

    That would be something you should ask the guy at the ebay site. Also, they sell them on American Muscle now.