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  1. What perks did you have as a kid because of your parents job?

    My dad worked in a belt factory so I got the belt alot :) J/K
  2. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Hey the ugly ones need lovin' too:) Besides the more beer as it gets later into the evening & next thing you know she looks like Beyonce....
  3. Contacting an estranged family member

    You obviously haven't been looking for me up here in Canada but here I am 🇨🇦:)
  4. Adventures In Oil Changes

    Did you get a discount because you poured the oil in yourself? Did you ask yourself if you wanted the other fluids topped off? :)
  5. Fuel lock cap for 2021 mustang gt

    What if you put a "Use 87 only" sticker on the fuel flip door no GT owners will try to siphon it out. :)
  6. Little home improvement

    Nice! Those badboy lights would look great under your Mustang too :)