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  1. Getting Tired - Spare Me

    Interesting. I suspect that getting the string lengths near-equal and pushing as much of them inside the tire as you dare to improves their reliability. Norm
  2. Getting Tired - Spare Me

    Never seen that one before. Haven't ever had problems with the T-handle and gooey string kind, though. Other than the lighter-duty T-handle tools sometimes bending, anyway. Norm
  3. Your thoughts on IRS

    I have been running my own lateral and rearward load transfer calculations for years, breaking them down into component loads. On a time history basis, geometric load transfer develops first - almost instantaneously. Last of the load transfer mechanisms to fully develop is the basic force...
  4. Your thoughts on IRS

    Back when he wrote that book, IRS cars in general suffered from low values of anti-squat. Corvettes included. Get on the throttle just a little in a lower gear and feel the tail head for the pavement. He was old-school GM and either didn't see what was to come, didn't want to believe it, or...
  5. Your thoughts on IRS

    Precisely. A stick-axle car may not be bothered much by running up on inside curbings at the track (inboard wheels being lightly loaded) but you will feel it more going over any gators that sing to you on corner exit. Norm
  6. Your thoughts on IRS

    I'm not surprised. Weight, weight distribution, tires, tire sixes, and wheel widths at least were conspiring against it (especially in the 2008-ish years). I think you'd have liked my 2008 GT much better. Less understeer than in later years, and surprisingly competent during a 65+ mph slalom...
  7. Your thoughts on IRS

    Absolutely. For those who weren't there (let alone earlier), the idea that a well-thought-out stick axle suspension could be better than an indifferently-designed IRS was true. All except for rough road ride needs. Anecdotal, to be sure, but by my third track day on NJMP/Lightning I was...
  8. Your thoughts on IRS

    I don't think Herb Adams' book went deep enough into the anti-squat discussion, and was generally oriented to torque arm suspensions as used on the 3rd/4th gen F-body cars. What I get with torque arm suspensions is that anti-squat drops off fairly rapidly as rear ride height drops below static...
  9. Your thoughts on IRS

    Even I'm not saying that a stick axle is better than an IRS. Not as long as the IRS has been properly thought out, which was not the case in ponycars until within the last decade. What I will say is that a stick axle isn't as bad as so many people make it out to be (an attitude coming in part...
  10. Your thoughts on IRS

    I'm pretty sure that all of those videos showing big bushing deformations were taken during dragstrip runs where harsh launching and harsh upshifting is part of the game (and easy advertising to those who don't look past the picture part). Norm

    Advanced techniques are at least somewhat transferrable among cars of similar configuration and power. I'm very interested in this as well. Norm
  12. FARB pickup mounts

    You will lose some motion ratio going to the control arm, meaning you'll need more front bar stiffness to maintain the same amount of front sta-bar effect. Strut motion ratios are in the 0.95-ish range, but I think you'd be doing very well to get very far into the 0.8 range from the control...
  13. 2019 Mustang GT (Manual) auto rev matching

    I don't even want to be spoiled. To me, that's the same as giving up. Quitting on myself. I'll always bitch about what the nannies take away from me and for the distraction that they can bring on. That they would force me to re-invent my own personal "how to drive a car" wheel. Mine's...
  14. Your thoughts on IRS

    The S197 Mustang's stick-axle suspension underwent major handling improvement over the triangulated 4-link suspensions used on the Fox/SN95/New Edge Mustangs that preceded it. Those earlier Mustangs were known for snap-oversteer. The S197 probably represented as much improvement over the Fox...
  15. Sway Bar Upgrade worth it for 2021 PP?

    I don't think you really want "dead flat". The sensations associated with roll are part of your feedback. Norm
  16. Your thoughts on IRS

    No S197 should have felt that bad. Not unless the shocks and struts were nearly dead. That said, being able to get the nose to tuck in toward the apex on properly timed lift throttle could be very satisfying on the track (not something you'd be apt to notice in street driving). Norm
  17. Your thoughts on IRS

    They weren't all that bad if you knew how you needed to drive them (or at least, how not to drive them). One of my uncles had a swing-axle Corvair that I got to drive a few times as a teen. Not as nice as the '65 that I test-drove later, but not nearly as uncontrollable as Ralph Nader would...
  18. Your thoughts on IRS

    I went back to post #1, and without intentionally trying to be harsh . . . OP should be able to feel significant differences while cornering (if he's driving with enough "enthusiasm" to start building much in the way of slip angles, anyway), and that's before even thinking about stick-axle...
  19. Your thoughts on IRS

    They always had IRS. Swing axles are, in fact, a type of IRS. Just not a very good type, with serious limitations. Norm
  20. 2019 Mustang GT (Manual) auto rev matching

    It'll come with a little more practice. Norm