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  1. 2021 Shelby GT500 owners supplement kit for sale

    Brand new 2021 Shelby GT 500 owners kit. SOLD
  2. Interesting info on Chev ADM's

    I’ve been on my dealerships list since 2019 for a C8 Z06. At msrp. #6th. We shall see what happens late 2022.
  3. Testing the Water to Sell my 2020 base for a New 2021/2022 CFHP

    Selling a 2020 Shelby GT500 for $88K. Then turn around and pay $6000 on taxes on your next car. That means you really only got $82K.
  4. Testing the Water to Sell my 2020 base for a New 2021/2022 CFHP

    In Ga you pay no tax if your trade is more or the same as the new car. On a $89K trade thats over $6K in taxes. So a sell at $89K . Reducing your actual money towards a new car to $83K. If you are flipping cars you have to trade or the taxes eat up your profits big time in this market we are in...
  5. Considering moving from a 350 to 500

    Well at 75 mph the revs are like 2000. Maybe a 8 speed auto might have helped with the mpg. It’s a pain in the butt on any long trips. Plus I wish the Recaro seats had adjustable side wings. Those seats are a pain in the butt ...😂😂😂 after 5 hours.
  6. Considering moving from a 350 to 500

    The only negative thing about the 718 is the gearing. 2nd gear is so long that you can’t use 3rd gear and stay below most highway speeds. So driving on the street it’s a bit boring. On the track I’m sure its A ball. Most people have complained about the gearing
  7. First sighting in VA

    Not a single one yet in north Atlanta area.
  8. 2021 GT500 CFTP in Carbonized Gray Metallic

    Here is a walk around a friend did on Youtube
  9. 2021 GT500 CFTP in Carbonized Gray Metallic

    One more with the sun low on the horizon. Ford got the stance just right on this Shelby .....:rockon:
  10. 2021 GT500 CFTP in Carbonized Gray Metallic

    They are big and since they aren’t bright chrome they look just right . Not overly done.
  11. New 2021 GT500 Second Drive Impressions

    Nice write up and thanks. on the subject about gas mileage . seats and your C7. Living in the Atlanta area we just got hit with a gas shortage. Most stations don’t have premium. The gas lines are long. So the GT500 has a half of tank and is parked for awhile. I’ll use my wife’s SUV if needed...
  12. 2021 GT500 CFTP in Carbonized Gray Metallic

    Here are a few pictures of carbonized gray along side my 2006 Shelby GT-H. 9076 miles. First modern day Shelby.
  13. 2020 Shelby GT500 Trunk Lid Paint Rub! (video)

    2021 base model both trunk left right gaps are identical and no paint rub problems.
  14. Mach 1 Dyno Day at Steeda..

    Look at the Torque at just over 2500 rpms compared to a voodoo engine. This mach 1 seems to have more low end grunt then the voodoo. For the street this mach 1 will feel stronger. 7500 red line is just fine in my book.
  15. She’s home!

    Baby home and looking for some play time. Congrats.
  16. 2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    2021 vin #. 0019 M0210
  17. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    Congrats enjoy
  18. New 2021 GT500 Orders

    Once it’s in Tennessee you are 2 days at the most from the car being at your dealership. That’s been my experience in the Atlanta area.
  19. This car over delivers, in every way imaginable - *8 sec 1/4 mile

    Congrats that’s one hell of a run. Great watching your videos and the sounds are amazing. Look forward to many more on here. Just Jaw dropping insane times. Mine is just a shade darker then yours. And a ton slower 😂