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  1. Curb Rash Right Front *OUCH!

    I had some light curb rash on my black powder coated mustang wheels. When I painted my brake calipers I used the leftover paint on the curb rashed rims and it helped a lot! Up close you can see it was painted over (like a foot or two away) but from standing up you would never be able to see it...
  2. April 2021 Mustang Sales Up Over 50% Year-Over-Year

    That’s because people were spending all their money on toilet paper this time last year and couldn’t afford to buy a new car 🙄
  3. Resonator Delete

    My steeda H pipe/resonator delete is pretty much just as quiet in quiet mode as it was with the resonators. Except for the first split second when starting it up or if you go over 4000 rpm. Then it is louder! Track mode is way louder and meaner sounding with the h pipe. It pairs so nicely with...
  4. Show me you and your Mustang out having fun in the winter snow!!

    Snow from February 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. To Cover or Not to Cover your Mustang (that can only live outside)?

    Don’t cover it and just wash it once a week by hand.
  6. Has anyone tested the active exhaust vs stock exhaust? Is it a necessary option?

    I have AE and it’s amazing for the price. Quiet start option is nice and then track gets it really loud if you want it. Louder, deeper, and meaner for sure than non active exhaust. I recently did a resonator delete/h pipe and it made track mode even louder and meaner sounding. And quiet mode is...
  7. Help me in choosing my next mustang, gt or ecoboost?

    get the GT and get the 2018 if possible if you are going automatic. It’s a fair bit quicker with that 10 speed and extra horsepower. Two years ago I bought a 2016 mustang ecoboost with the performance package. It was a lot of fun but I definitely wished I had gotten the GT after the initial...
  8. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Terrible visibility and less trunk space. As far as looks go I think both cars look equally good. I prefer the mustangs interior design, exhaust note, and heritage more as well. I debated what car to get for months when I was first considering purchasing a mustang or camaro. Went with a 2018...
  9. Active Exhaust Valves?

    Spectreman: I change my active exhaust all the time. It’s three button presses that can be made in 2-3 seconds. I also have my mode set with the track exhaust option. That way two flicks of a switch and I just went from quiet mode (for the neighbours) to track mode (once I leave my street). I...
  10. How Long Will Rear and Side Louvers Last?

    Assuming proper install Specifically the MMD rear louvers and the speed form side louvers for a 2018 Mustang. I haven’t been able to find any long term reviews or input. Thanks!
  11. Custom plates, let's see them!

    pound town lol
  12. EcoBoost Premium in Sport+ mode......

    Use sport + mode for backroads and spirited driving. The transmission shifts in this mode are for performance and not more maximum mpg. When I drive in sport + mode in traffic it feels awkward and jumpy. But when you can let it rip it is perfect in that mode!
  13. Photograph of the Month - January 2020. Guidelines in post #1

    Just got my 2018 Mustang GT last November. Vancouver winters are usually pretty mild but not this year! Got blasted by this much snow three night in a row...Spring can’t come sooner!!