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  1. 2015 GT PP Manual Shift with Periodic Torque Loss

    Have you tried this with the traction control off?
  2. Help with ford performance hood strut install

    ... bro... no kidding. I MANGLED my fender when the threaded oval nut turned ever so slightly and pulled out of the hole. I loosened, repositioned and by this time the star washer wasn't doing it's job. What a mess....
  3. DYI Xpel/Suntek

    Yah... I've tried. It is a world of frustration if you are doing it the first time around. The videos seem easy but... wow. I used a 3M product and tried it on a few areas, after my Mustang PPF (Xpel) was installed by a professional. I'm sure glad I didn't try it myself... It took the...
  4. 2020 GT 6-spd transmission issues

    ... it really sounds like a transmission/motor mount issue here? These cars are not that difficult to drive stick in as you are describing.
  5. Test Drive Today...Clutch Question

    '21 PP1 here. I had leather heated and cooled seats for a week in a rental S550 and found the cloth unheated/uncooled seats more comfortable. As for clutch having owned and driven many manuals (T45 cable, T56 hydraulic and manual throwout, various VWs new and old, Miata M6, Mazdas) the '21 GT...
  6. Bullitt dreams slashed for now, considering an Ecoboost.

    Cool... ENJOY the car.. will look awesome and I love how most every mustang looks killer regardless of it being a GT or not. "There is a Mustang for everybody"
  7. Bullitt dreams slashed for now, considering an Ecoboost.

    THIS. Rented an A10 Eco then purchased M6 GT... agree with above.
  8. Mustang Alley 2021 open for registration

    Coming from Eastern Ontario, Canada for this.
  9. 2020 5.0 Mustang Engine Whine (What is this?!)

    I too have been I hear you but... you have warranty... give 'er and enjoy the car and less worry. Easier said than done. :)
  10. Bullitt Oil Change + Filter - What are the best?

    True true... but I've also seen "blend" be a cryptic word and can contain as little as 25% full synthetic vs much higher. Your point is correct though, Ford's oil life monitor can show 16,000 kms and the engine doesn't know if you have conventional or a blend in it, and the owner's manual says...
  11. 2020 5.0 Mustang Engine Whine (What is this?!)

    .. my '21 doesn't have this... ?
  12. Underbody rust a problem?

    I thoroughly enjoyed those videos! Thanks for posting and finding them. Any more gems like that?
  13. Engine issues in 2019-2020

    Geeze... my bad... was talking GT... (exits post) :)
  14. Engine issues in 2019-2020

    I know you didn't ask about the '21, but 10,000 kms and absolutely silent engine. Just did my first oil change as well.
  15. Any 2019+ in Ontario with MGW shifter?

    Looking to try this shifter before dropping the cash. Willing to travel to try it. I'm in Kingston area.
  16. the new BMW's

    Not sure if you're interested in this but, the 8th gen GTI is coming out late this year. Also the R, but not sure the same time as GTI. The R may feel a lot like your Audi's of the past with the Haldex AWD. Something for your consideration.
  17. Z26 or Z23 powerstop pads

    I only put grease on the sides where it slides and the back of the pad, but I doubt I needed to do that. No need to grease pins, but clean them up with scotchbrite pad, as well as the bolt. They are DEAD quiet, never had brakes this quiet before. No click, clack, swooshing to a stop, nothing...
  18. Z26 or Z23 powerstop pads

    EXACTLY what I thought, this made me laugh when I read it. Opened the box and wondered what the !!!! this is for... like ... a Mack truck! I went with the Z23 and it cut down on brake dust 3/4 at least. Very happy, and man... do they ever stop!
  19. Paint Protection Film Expectations

    I, too, had my entire car Xpeled. I have two or three parts (down near the bottom of the fenders) where the same thing is happening to me. I can't see them unless I bend down and look at the bottom of the car, so lucky for me. I as well have the various bubbles around the car. A few are more...