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  1. Vibration could it be my spacers?

    Yes, offset is a better way to go.
  2. Found a 96R AGM battery for our cars :)

    This strap has been around for decades. The ends BITE into the battery posts then just lift and install the new battery the same way. Advance auto sells them. EZ P-Z
  3. Battery strap to help removal/install of battery

    These straps have been around for "Decades" . The ends clamp onto the lead posts of the battery. When you begin to pick up the battery, its weight makes the clamps BITE into the posts. EZ P-Z. Advance Auto has these in case you youngins' are interested. 😊
  4. Any pics of your car with Steeda Progressive sport springs?

    Steeda progressive sport springs with 20mm hub spacers, stock wheels. WHADAYATHINK of the fender vents ??
  5. The 5.0 stranded me on the side of the road today

    I've never, EVER had the fuel light come on. Why?? I never let fuel get below 1/4 tank and DO NOT believe nor trust the DTE/MTE readouts in ANY car. Just old school. Hell...I'm just old.:)
  6. April 2021 Mustang Sales Up Over 50% Year-Over-Year

    I completely agree. The gaping, humongus grilles on many vehicles is very unappealing.
  7. Bought my son a new 2020 Mustang EcoBoost

    C'mon Man. Don't buy him a 4 banger 'Stang. Let the boy have some real fun! Get him this '34 Ford Coupe. (sarcasm)
  8. Long term storage and battery tender

    I have an idea. It would be better for the car if it was driven once a week. I will volunteer my time and I'll pay for gas. I'm in the mid-atlantic area also. Lemmeno. Just sayin'. :crackup:
  9. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Do I take pictures constantly of my car?? Just a few. :wink:
  10. When you pull up to a Mustang, what song should be playing? What song compliments a Mustang most?

    Old drag racer guy here. I say "Mustang Sally". What a classic. From Mustang John. How old are you?????? :crackup: Wilson Pickett.
  11. need car cover for '19 GT

    I just got off the phone with California Car Cover Co. They confirmed that after many years of production, Kimberly-Clark is discontinuing the NOAH fabric and will no longer make car covers. Just an FYI. It will be pure luck if you find one now.
  12. need car cover for '19 GT

    Like your Avatar....AND your car :thumbsup:
  13. need car cover for '19 GT

    In Fly2High.......if you read my above comment I did mention that this IS an "INDOOR" cover. :wink: Your thoughts on indoor vs outdoor cover construction seem cogent to me.
  14. need car cover for '19 GT

    Soo, I guess I'm lucky. I have a NOAH cover coming on 2/5. Turns out this might be the last one ever made as the NOAH product has now been discontinued. Not on Covercraft, not on I wonder why??? Try to google it ???
  15. need car cover for '19 GT

    This is a Calcover indoor stretch cover. I WISH an outdoor cover would fit like this. Most do not. When I say glove fit, this is what I'm talking about. Pic not a Mustang. Any guesses?? I think it's some BMW model
  16. need car cover for '19 GT

    Actually I think you have the right idea. Just maybe use the cover for UV protection on sunny/calm/pollen days. Other than that, take it off. Covers are a PITA especially when you/ I install 3 bungees for hold downs all the time. I do have a ceramic coating on my car and it's great. Half the...
  17. need car cover for '19 GT

    So I ordered a NOAH cover on 12/17/20. It will be delivered 2/5/21 from Calcover...6 weeks. We'll see how it goes. I've had both the Superweave HP and the HD. Covers were always secured with bungee cords front, back, middle. After 2 years with the HP and 2 years with the HD, I do have what I...
  18. need car cover for '19 GT

    This is a Superweave HD from It's really a Weathershield HD. The fit is "El Crappo" I'm kicking myself because I should have sent it back. This was $575 :puke:
  19. need car cover for '19 GT

    OK Thanks. Not exactly like a 'glove' but not bad. I think whoever was contracted to take dimensions on the 6th gen Mustang did not do a good job. See my post with the NOAH BMW roadster. Whoever took the dims for THAT model did a good job. I have seen glove tight "indoor" covers but no tight...
  20. Rendering: This is how 2023 Mustang 7th gen should look like

    Really nice job on the rendering. Actually I don't like really large grilles however I do like that Focus. Toyota/Lexus type humongous grilles just look horrible to me. Hopefully the final product will not be so large.