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  1. Rented an Eco-boost...

    But why? The other 15% of the time, I'm living "a quarter mile at a time", or in my case, 0.4km at a time :crackup::like:
  2. Rented an Eco-boost...

    Exactly! It's like me when I was in my early 20's at the gym and having other gym douchebags wanting to outlift me. My mentality even at that age was, go right ahead, but even if you lift more than me, there's always going to be the next guy who lifts way more than you do. I dunno man, for...
  3. Rented an Eco-boost...

    Just throwing in my 2 cents here.... I currently have a '17 Eco 6 speed....have had it since new for just over 4 years. I've owned an '08 V6 5 speed and now waiting for my '21 GT 6 speed. The Ecoboost is a fun car to drive; definitely lighter in its nose and quick enough. But as others...
  4. Price Protection - New Vehicle orders

    Might be a silly question, but this applies to Canada as well right?
  5. Ordered cars

    This is terrific - thanks for the info Zach and definitely puts a lot of people at ease!
  6. Ordered cars

    I would contact your dealership to get a clear confirmation about your concerns. If your deal is 2% under invoice then read the fine prints to see if that "invoice price" is subject to change without notice or not. Otherwise, as BLM stated, the contract you signed is binded based on the...
  7. Ordered cars

    Excellent question, but correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that would make much difference. MSRP is simply a suggested price, but the contract you signed at the time of ordering locks you in for the negotiated price, terms, interest rates etc.
  8. Ordered cars

    Thankfully I don't like hockey (shocker i know!) so I've been bored and watching NBA haha
  9. Ordered cars

    I can only speak for myself, but I think this wait is extra excruciating cuz we're still in a pandemic, and unlike the US, in Canada we're slowly having restrictions removed but there's still not a whole lot to do around here
  10. Ordered cars

    Nice looking truck! I think silver is subjective to people, and also really depends on the shade of silver. I always thought silver was a classic/classy colour, but somehow I never had a car with it. I was going to get my 2017 Eco with it, but decided last minute to go with Magnetic. I've...
  11. Ordered cars

    thanks'll be half as fine as your mach1 (also based on your sig) =)
  12. Ordered cars

    Well f*ck mine's on a monday.....i'm screwed! =P
  13. Ordered cars

    mine is 120210621 so I take it's 6/21/2021. What's yours? And what does the blend date actually represent?
  14. Ordered cars

    yep looks that way
  15. Ordered cars

    Somebody gave me the link to generate your window sticker for our factory order. When I entered my VIN in the past it would say window sticker is not ready, but I was able to generate it tonight! Does that mean it’s close to being built/in production?
  16. Iconic Silver Pics

    OMG that iconic silver with the black accent package is exactly what mine's gonna be....can't wait!
  17. Ordered cars

    Ahh gotcha.....mine was March 6th and up till two weeks ago it was showing an ETA for June 25th, but ETA dates have since been updated to "TBD" as it is now in production.
  18. Ordered cars

    And when was your order date?
  19. Wheels on a 69' Vette from Texas Metal

    Weird ask, but anybody seen wheels similar to these that would fit on our S550's?
  20. Ordered cars

    I just did my bi-weekly check in with my sales guy and it doesn't show an ETA date anymore on my order BUT status is now changed to "in production" so hopefully good news is on the horizon!