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  1. Kona Blue, it seems it is a rare color.....

    Thank you very much! Funnily enough, that car is going away soon . . . the car that I never thought I would part with . . . but the 350R has completely blown me away and now the 302 just sits in the garage. A good friend is picking it the Boss 302 in a few weeks and tomorrow I am taking...
  2. Headliner

    Hey thank you, Cobra Jet! I think whatever it is has found a natural resting spot somewhere above about the rear driver's side quarter window and hasn't made any more noise after a few more attempts at me aggressively shaking the car from side to side in some parking lots. I think for now I...
  3. Headliner

    Update: got the car back today and they did the black marker trick and it looks great so thank you so much for the suggestion! But . . . there is something sliding or rolling around above my head now. I have heard it twice. And they seemed to have scuffed the soft part of the dash on both...
  4. Texas BNIB Signature SV503 20x11/11.5 wheels

    Yes still available.
  5. Headliner

    Yeah I think that would be pretty visible unfortunately. I just hope they put a more experienced person on the install of the newest one amd can get it done right.
  6. Headliner

    That is a superb idea - thank you very much! I will provide the marker!
  7. Headliner

    Update - they tried adjusting and it didn't get any better so they sent pics to Ford, which authorized yet another headliner replacement. Geez this is getting ridiculous. I mean a wonky headliner won't prevent me from loving my car but come on guys.
  8. New 16.8lbs Wheels

    Aren't the regular non-R wheels more like 32lbs? So you basically knocked nearly 60lbs of weight off your car!
  9. Texas BNIB Signature SV503 20x11/11.5 wheels

    Hey thank you very much!
  10. Headliner

    So after replacing the headliner at the dealership, I got home and in the better lighting of my garage, it is actually worse is some areas. Took it back to the dealership and spent 15 minutes with the tech and we even compared the fit to another GT350 they had in the shop and it definitely was...
  11. New 16.8lbs Wheels

    I was just curious about what front and rears weighed individually (generally, the fronts weigh more because, despite being narrower, they have more meat at the hub to clear the big brakes). Sub 17lbs is absolutely incredible! Thank you for posting about them!
  12. New 16.8lbs Wheels

    Hey no problem at all and congratulations! Please keep us up to date on your impressions as you put some miles on them. If you have pics of them on the scale, that would be great to see also.
  13. New 16.8lbs Wheels

    Wow that is actually a very reasonable price, to be honest! Looks great and now there is a new option for weight obsessives! I feel like the GT3RS and 2RS had magnesium wheels as options so it seems like a safe option with the modern manufacturing processes. OP - if they were made in factory...
  14. New HEP owner checking in: TX to CA road trip and headliner question

    Welcome and congratulations, Seb! Great looking car and sounds like you had a great trip! As for the headliner, my 2020 R is in the shop as we speak getting it replaced because the back of it looked very similar to yours (you can find others who have had same issue). They had ordered the new...
  15. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    Yes I checked early on in this thread and thankfully it appears to be activated. Interesting point, The Chairman. Thank you for that info - I must have missed it.
  16. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    Dealership just ran my VIN and said the TSB does not apply, despite my car being built smack dab in the middle of the relevant time period (built May 2020). They are going to double check but he even sent me a copy of the Oasis report saying no TSBs. Weird.