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  1. Son used Windex on my Car

    Careful there. While Windex may be OK for paint, the ammonia in it will attack any polycarbonate. Does anyone know if the light housings are polycarbonate?
  2. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    Thank you kindly. I was pleased with the result.
  3. Mach 1 Grille

    Made my own. Motorcycle passing lights and some ABS tube and a lot of head scratching.
  4. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    That's it. I loved how my 2006 GT recalled the look of those. First thing that I did when I saw the 2015 s550 pictures was to photoshop the extra headlights, and hope the Ford would figure it out. I got tired of waiting and bought the 2020.
  5. Former Mustang Chief Engineer Insists Your V8 Is Safe—For Now

    That article did not have anything from Widmann that said the V8 is safe, just that the current ones are really powerful. Our problem will be getting gasoline in 15 yeats.
  6. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Did Ford revise this part to address this issue? Should have a new part number or revision. Is this part steel? Need to know if I can weld it with my steel setup.
  7. Which Car Cover?

    "...won't...scratch the paint..." None of them. The cover may or may not scratch the paint, but the dirt that it traps will. I suppose you could wash the car and the cover before every use. Otherwise you're just trapping the dirt for the next little breeze to rub in to your paint.
  8. Custom upholstery

    Yes, from Roadwire.
  9. Pushing Engine On/Off While Moving

    I accidentally bumped the button and shut off my 2020 GT 6MT cruising at about 45mph. Managed to coast it to a parking lot while I figured out what happened and how to restart. Needed to depress the clutch and press the button, just like from a standstill. I researched some of those start...
  10. Mach 1 Grille TLDR: all these grille shapes are different: Mach 1, 2018+, 2015-17
  11. Anybody with really nice BLACK carpeted floor mats, front and rear? Please jump in.

    Another for Llloyds. I stitched on a heel pad to prevent the dreaded driver's heel wear-
  12. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    Correcting my own post in case someone stumbles on this in the future. The 2021 Mach 1 grille has an outline that is distinct from the standard 15-17 and the standard 18-21 outline. So don't get excited about retrofitting your 15-17 with the Mach 1 grille.
  13. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    I don't see a good way to adapt the Mach 1 grille. It's the wrong basic shape. I also do not see a good way the modify the stock grille- the "fangs" on the stock grille will get in the way of the grille mounted lights. My best thought so far is modifying this item from eBay- 302819937451...
  14. 2018+ people: anyone else interested in a Mach1 style grille?

    I want one for my 2020, with lights and a chrome pony. Unfortunately, it looks like the Mach 1 grille fits the 2015-17 style fascia. This was discussed as part of the following thread-
  15. Wish there was an Eleanor Body Kit

    Ashiq73- You're in luck. There are two options for the round light upper grille. The CJ one is definitely for the 2015-17 models, and it looks like the Mach 1 grille also fits the 2015-17 style fascia. You'll have to source lights for the Mach 1, but someone is bound to make a custom kit for...
  16. Alabama 2020 Ford Mustang Leather Upholstery- $600 Roadwire. Spendy, but it turned out even better than I imagined.
  17. Alabama 2020 Ford Mustang Leather Upholstery- $600

    Black leather upholstery from my 401A convertible. Put about 500 miles on it before my custom upholstery arrived.