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  1. 1000 Mile Review

    This was actually the biggest takeaway for me when I attended the TA last week. Being able to safely push the car to the point where it steps out and develop a feel for it was great. The limits of the car are high enough that it's difficult to achieve safely on the street. Turn right before the...
  2. Would you be interested if Ford offered an option to watch your car be built?

    Would be super cool. Unless something outrageously expensive I would have been very interested in something like that. Chevy has been doing cool things like that in addition to museum delivery etc for a long time.
  3. Super bouncy rear suspension on GT500 CFTP?

    You mean: once again, Ford dealerships. 🙄
  4. 169? On public roads

    Just. Let. It. Go. Includes the holy rollers on this forum also. Jesus F.
  5. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    Another damn troll. This forum has gone to poo lately.
  6. Carbon fiber wheel / tire chamges

    Also ask around for shops that have a Corghi Artiglio. I had a horrible experience with a local discount tire and will never go back.
  7. Track Attack July 15-16

    Did you apply wet? Much easier that way.
  8. Has anyone here actually dyno’d their bone stock gt500? Results?

    Ford has traditionally been conservative with the power numbers. My 03 Cobra put down 402rwhp (SAE smoothing 5) bone stock vs 390 crank as advertised.
  9. 2020/2021 GT500 Hood Inner Panel Crack(s) TSB

    No cracks on mine but letting a dealer bondo it up if I did? No thanks.
  10. Is it normal for our cars to feel like they are free wheeling a little bit when taking off gently from a stop?

    That brief moment when the car is just getting going from a stop it sounds so freaking good. Kid you not before I got mine I would find videos on YT just to hear that low burble, lol. Yeah I'm weird I guess.
  11. TSB for GT500 / GT350 secondary timing chain tensioner [Service Guide attached]

    Anybody taken their car to a dealership yet so things will be documented in OASIS? Scheduled mine for next weekend. Curious to hear how the dealers have been responding to this. Will try and get them to check in the parking lot. Otherwise will babysit the car throughout the whole process. Too...
  12. Track Attack July 15-16

    Do you still get the rear caliper trophy? I really want one on my desk, lol. Signed up for June 6-7th here.
  13. TSB for GT500 / GT350 secondary timing chain tensioner [Service Guide attached]

    Safe here also. The groove was clearly visible after not starting the car up for a while - out of curiosity I started it up for a few minutes this morning and the tensioner shaft is even higher now (if my eyes aren't playing tricks).

    Eh, who _doesn’t_ have it on..?
  15. 2021 Track Attack Registration Open

    Signed up for the same date also 🙂
  16. '22 GT500 in Grabber Blue?

    Grabber Blue never did much for me for some reason... Now, always liked Sonic Blue though.
  17. Almost Ready for Ceramic

    Looks great! I went with Ultra & EXOv4 on mine. So easy to keep clean, can't beat the ceramic coatings.
  18. Foster Whine Mod review here at Lethal Performance

    Ah yes. Hearing my first 03 with a KB 2.2 made me decide to get a Terminator too back in the day. 🙂 Miss it.