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  1. Car been sitting for months in storage? Prime that oil system before firing it up!

    The reason why "race" engines are typically primed either manually with the starter or have a prime delay built into the tune for startup is because they have much larger clearances for bearings due to the need for a thicker oil film bearing surface, so there's a lot more opportunity for the...
  2. Best way to get bass to pass into cabin from the trunk besides folding the rear seat backs down?

    I like the seat latch spacer, but I'll probably get a sheet of black UHMW so it has full support under the bracket. Is 3/4" the magic number?
  3. MMR OPG's

    I've sworn off MMR completely based on my personal experience with their products, inexcusably poor machining and non-existent quality controls. For the money the FRPP gearset is the best choice, because whoever the supplier is knows they have to answer to FORD regarding any issues, not just...
  4. Best racing gloves for track days

    I use OMP One-S gloves and really like them. Plenty of good options out there though.
  5. Check your new upgraded oil pump gears

    Dropping that gear wouldn't strain it anywhere close to its plastic deformation range, wouldn't even be on the chart. You'd have to put it in a press and squish it in a very controlled manner. What's infinitely more likely is they were machined incorrectly and not QC'd before they went out the...
  6. Steeda LCA Bearing On-Car Swap

    I disagree with this vehemently, because the toe change under heavy acceleration/deceleration is extreme and comes 90% from the forward RLCA pivot point. On PP cars, the aft pivot is already a spherical, so only the big one needs to be done. Going from a lot of toe change to almost none makes...
  7. Steeda LCA Bearing On-Car Swap

    I did mine off the car, with a lift, 20T shop press, torch, lots of press plates and cups, and I still had to jerry rig my setups and would have loved a second pair of hands. Not worth trying in my opinion.
  8. steeda spherical bearing quality question.

    I believe they are all PTFE (Teflon) lined races, so you don't want to use any lubricant on them, it'll just attract dirt.
  9. steeda spherical bearing quality question.

    I have Steeda spherical bearings in my front and rear control arms with no issues. If you do have an issue with anything, they are very responsive with great customer service.
  10. BMR Suspension's New S550 Rear Upper SHOCK MOUNTS: SM760 - Design Finalized!

    Good on BMR for continual development and improvement.
  11. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    Hm well okay maybe that’s why I didn’t notice the “bounce” that some people complain about. Seems plausible anyway.
  12. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    Yep, as soon as I can take a look at it I’ll report back.
  13. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    Hm that's interesting, I'll take a look next time at the mounts that came with the FRPP Track shocks which are monotube (I think). Maybe a higher durometer insert in the mount?
  14. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    I've been thinking about a way to stiffen the OE mount a bit, sort of a middle ground before going to a spherical bearing type aftermarket setup. Have a spare pair I might experiment with when I get some time.
  15. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    There have been some to fail but I don’t know if they were tracked or bagged or jumped over the crest of a hill or what. The OE mount took the damage like it’s supposed to and saved the sheet metal. They’re quick and easy to replace and if one pops your car will still drive, even the bumpstops...
  16. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    There's a least a few threads on this topic by now, and all of them look pretty much the same. Yes Ford's design sucks, but after going through like 5 different combinations of shock and shock mount (OE, Steeda, BMR v1, BMR plus rivnuts, BMR v2) I went back to the OEM mounts and maybe my ass...
  17. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Here is the OE trigger wheel - the variance in thickness was measuring in the ten-thousandths range, so effectively perfect since my micrometer is in hundredths. Here is the MMR trigger wheel, the variance in thickness was 8 thou which would result in God knows how much runout at the...
  18. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    What was the runout on your flywheel? Mine was barely within spec, but the flywheel was perfect it was the OE signal rotor that was slightly out - a couple tenths in thickness variation quickly becomes a few thousandths at the outer edge of the flywheel. I tried to fix it by getting a billet...