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  1. need boost! Vette walking away from my 18

    Or just buy a vette.
  2. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    If you can catch me :crackup:
  3. Should I not test drive a ‘19 2SS Camaro?

    The only Problem with the Camaro diffs is a groan when it is cold. It goes away after a few minutes of driving. The cars are bullet proof.
  4. C&D Lightning Lap 2018 Results for GT PP2

    Agreed. My '16 GT would go into limp mode due to A/T heat issues. The engine oil would overheat, so I had to add a Mishi oil cooler. The car would not turn, even after BMR add-ons, etc. My Camaro, doesn't even blink. Not at Watkins Glen, not at Palmer, not at NHMS....and it handles great...
  5. C&D Lightning Lap 2018 Results for GT PP2

    Yes, after two laps.
  6. Is Ford lacking on performance?

    I'll run 8-10 track days a season. I'm in the northeast, so that is mid-April to late October. Super dedicated? Not really, but while I'm there I want to make it through the weekend without going into limp mode, or damaging the vehicle. With my previous car, it would go into limp mode usually...
  7. Is Ford lacking on performance?

    Yup, I believe you are correct. If I pressed it, I most likely would have got it covered. I'd bet it would have taken quite a awhile though and lots of pain and gyrations. And, at the end, there could be the possibility that I would have to pay out of pocket due to the oil cooler and track use...
  8. Is Ford lacking on performance?

    Not starting a quarrel here, but the "other" manufacturers automobile is quite ready for HPDE out of the box. So the "as-delivered" is less of an issue. Cooling is in place for all systems, including front brake ducts and scoops. Trans and differential, plus 3 coolant radiators on base models...
  9. Is Ford lacking on performance?

    They can tell. The look for rubber marbles in the wheel wells, burnished brakes, etc. Ford has a tech advisory on it, which I saw posted somewhere on this forum. Would the other manufacturer deny a claim? depends on the situation, and most importantly, your relationship with your...
  10. Is Ford lacking on performance?

    Personal, yes. Full disclosure, I did not follow the case through to fruition. However, I brought my car in for an engine noise, and the dealer said no initially, and that they would have to "open a case with Ford". The car had a Mishi oil cooler on it. They wanted to pre-charge me cash for...
  11. Is Ford lacking on performance?

    Ford leaves much more open to interpretation and allows the dealer to decide what is covered. GM is more up front about covering track use, very clear actually. Not looking for an argument here, but please don’t mislead.
  12. Guess what? Motortrend favors the Camaro again

    Yeah, I used to harp on the visibility thing and the trunk space issues, and the mullet wearing Grand Funk listening owners of the Camaro until I drove one...then bought one. The visibility issue goes away after 10 minutes of driving. Then I took the Camaro to the’s a 2SS and not...
  13. [email protected]

    Yup, same here. Great experience dealing with him.
  14. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    Slightly off-topic, but did your Ford dealer tell you that they would charge you a diagnostic fee if they could not duplicate a condition that you asked them to address under factory warranty? I've been to two different Ford dealers in the Northeast that did this; once when I had my 2010...
  15. Where are your next events?

    April 14 NHMS with BMWCCA April 21 NHMS with PCA NCR
  16. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    Hey, at least it wasn’t the engine!
  17. Passenger side tapping

    Yup, 2016 with 26k. Seems to be more the a few out there with this issue. I wish you well getting this taken care of.
  18. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    This is the exact noise I had on my 2016 6a. The dealer also told me they had never had a problem like this on a GT. My car had 26k on it. Rather than screw around with Ford I traded it in. The dealer was hmmm’ing and haw’ing over the oil cooler I installed. Didn’t feel like going through the...