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  1. Nevada Set of four Gloss Graphite SVE 19x11 SP2's

    Hey so basically they rub? And with a spacer they dont?
  2. Shaking on idle?

    Yeah even that isn’t normal to be honest
  3. Shaking on idle?

    No dude, lol. My car has always been a smooth ride so anything like this makes me go crazy but this is like shaking making my rpms go up.
  4. Shaking on idle?

    I have a 2019 Mustang GT just hit 30k miles. I recently took my mustang to the dealer was having a rough 3rd to 4th gear so they did a transmission adaptive learning thing to it. And 3 days later, I been experiencing a shake of the car on idle, it starts to shake a little and you can see the...
  5. Window Sticker

    1FA6P8CF6K5188538 2019 Mustang GT Premium Huge thanks brother!
  6. Price for 2019 GT PP1?

    Hmm yeah used Mustang prices are insane right now. I paid 29k for my 19 Mustang GT 401a 15k miles Premium with all the goodies digital dash, heated steering wheel, blindspot monitoring etc. I would keep looking, i would only pay 35k for a premium. And trust me its worth it. I know alot of my...
  7. RPMs dropping at idle

    the dash turned off like 5 mins after the rpm drop
  8. RPMs dropping at idle

    but nothing like this has happened before the install so it is weird
  9. RPMs dropping at idle

    The reason for the no tune intake was for warranty purposes and I actually feel the car pull harder although I do agree a tuned perhaps 91/e85 tune JLT intake is the way to go but I wanted something for now. So I am impressed, I had my doubts about it.
  10. RPMs dropping at idle

    I have a 19 GT with 28k miles and recently installed a Corsa no tune intake and have been noticing not daily but has happened 3 times this week where if I’m at the light the car will start dropping rpms maybe from 300-500 rpms and shake but then goes back to normal I have checked the seals don’t...
  11. 2018 A10 in park, engine off, dash still on and chiming (?)

    how did you figure that out? Did you have to undo your interior?
  12. Drained Battery?

    Yeah its a 2019 GT 401a package, not sure what caused this i daily drive the car. I thought i maybe had a shortage with the side markers but turns out they're Non-Polarized Plug (no need to worry about positive and negative connections) is what is stated on the sellers page so if thats true im...
  13. Sync Display isnt shutting off?

    Thanks a ton, i will try this later today.
  14. Sync Display isnt shutting off?

    2019 Mustang GT. I got out of my car from the drivers side and locked it with my key. You know the usual mustang logo on the dash fades and then shuts off. Well i noticed the screen never turned off it was stuck on a black dimmed screen. So im like thats weird so then i went to the...
  15. Drained Battery?

    Okay i installed a pair of LED side markers on the car. Purple/white to red and black/blue to black. So they turned on and everything and i'm like cool so then i was in the car, 15 mins with the ignition on and me being inside i went to get something from the trunk and noticed my license light...
  16. Virginia Steeda Axle back - 2015-2021 $350+ship

    Omg same my girlfriend hated when I was running corsa h and Steeda axle backs but now I placed an order for Corsa sport axle backs so hopefully it will be better sound.
  17. Virginia Steeda Axle back - 2015-2021 $350+ship

    Ahh okay I have also had my fair share of exhaust variants and corsa H and factory mufflers also corsa H and Steeda Axle backs and personally my favorite was stock res and Steeda axle backs
  18. Virginia Steeda Axle back - 2015-2021 $350+ship

    What did you end up switching too?
  19. New Jersey GT350 parts

    How much for the decklid?
  20. N/A Traction on Street in Drag Mode

    I run Continental ProContact GX SSR tires 275/40/19 and i don't have an issue with traction only if i launch the car but from a dig i full throttle and never spin but i only use track mode i don't really use drag unless its a 60 roll etc