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  1. Vert Drivers & Tunnnels

    Depending on the speed of said tunnel - 1st or 2nd gear with the roof down........... can't hear much else over the V8 and the Roush Axle Back's :rockon:
  2. U.K - My Insurance would not allow exhaust upgrade on 2020 GT

    Since you asked, I’ll do my best to explain so you can get a flavour of UK insurance nuances, bear with me (longish maybe boring post coming up)..... My policy cover is classed as “Fully Comprehensive” in the UK we have 3 main cover types: Third Party Only - If I hit someone, their vehicle...
  3. U.K - My Insurance would not allow exhaust upgrade on 2020 GT

    Some of the “main stream” ones here will insure for some mods and will bump the premium accordingly and in fact for a year I was with a main stream insurer, but once the mods start is when you have an issue. Bearing in mind that you have to declare the mods, when you tell the agent that you’ve...
  4. Why don't my headlights turn on when I unlock the car (UK Mustang)?

    I was (and I assume the OP is too) My 2017 doesn't have them and I'm aware it's a known "mod" as I think Diode Dynamic's (and one or two others) came out with a Euro Spec LED board kit to do it - didn't realise the 2020's had them already
  5. U.K - My Insurance would not allow exhaust upgrade on 2020 GT

    For my US based cousins: In the UK, it is a requirement of just about every Insurance firm, to declare any modification that is done to the car after it leaves the factory or Dealership from a "Brand new" state. If you don't and you get stopped by the Police, they can query with the Insurance...
  6. Why don't my headlights turn on when I unlock the car (UK Mustang)?

    That feature didn't make it to the UK/Euro spec cars - it is however possible to get them done by opening them up and modding them, by adding the LED boards that the US versions have
  7. Black wrap various parts on my GT

    Personally, with your Blue car, I'd replace the badges with the fully black versions (or I guess you could Pasti Dip them) as you're right - the small amount of chrome that would be left after the stickers went on would look a little odd, where as a fully black emblem would look much better.
  8. Black wrap various parts on my GT

    I got that very sticker set (or one very very like it) back in Dec '16 from a guy here on M6G, for my Shadow Black GT Vert. In my opinion, it covers up just enought of the GT (I've got a US spec decklid) and the 5.0, leaving just a hint of the chrome and looks good on a Black car.
  9. Lund nGauge screen staining

    Now I'm an IT Guy, and profess little knowledge on A/C, but isn't the whole point of A/C that when it's running it pulls the moisture out of the air? Which is why we have drain valves for the A/C systems. As far as I know, the air is blown out of the vents that the nGauge is mounted into so...
  10. Lund nGauge screen staining

    Sorry, I can't remember - once I reported it, they came out after few weeks and swapped the panel as the unit was under warrenty
  11. Lund nGauge screen staining

    Looking at that pic, we had similar issue on something at work (UPS Control Panel) it required a new screen as something had delaminated inside.
  12. Pedal Commander

    Lets put it like this, I've gone as far as declaring the fact that my Start button is different (it's the GT350 one) and I've got a shorter "bee sting" aerial, the exhaust, oil catch can Roush winglets are all there too. I decided that IF I were to be pulled by the Police, especially if it was...
  13. Sto-n-Sho woes

    Yes, absolutely - just a little frustrated at the whole thing I'll have to ask my US office who's over next and maybe get them to bring one in - they owe me a favour or two
  14. Sto-n-Sho woes

    Talk about a rubbish 6 weeks I had the Sto-n-Sho (and the plate) nicked off the front of the Mustang 6 weeks ago in Kings Lynn. Reported to police and the Car (not me) has now been recorded as a victim of crime. However thanks to a purchase last year from @Jimboy2 I had a US GT Performance...
  15. Convertible cap replacement

    I had mine swapped the other day. I was allowed to just swap them, no need for fitting, or plugging into the computer (which was previously mentioned as a requirement) so top marks to my dealer for that - in and out in 2 mins
  16. Convertible cap replacement

    Had the car serviced today and asked them to look at the marks in the roof. Whilst they hadn't heard of the TSB, they did phone Hendy Performance (luckily for me I was at another Hendy dealer) and confirmed that yes, indeed there is a revised part number, and they have placed an order for a new...
  17. Scottish Road Trip

    I to shall add that to my list as I shall be up in Scotland later this year. The B9007 from Carrbridge to Logie used to be epic, until they decided to install a wind farm and some "traffic calming" went in as part of the deal. Ruined some great road that you used to be able to drive (safely)...
  18. Power Magic Pro +BlackVue Dash Cam Instal

    I've got a DR750S mounted in my 'vert - it's not got the Power Magic box (yet) I've got a cigarette socket connected via a fuse tap into Fuse 23 & earth, which lives next to the fuse box, the power cable then runs hidden up to the camera. I am considering a Power Magic box, but like you would...
  19. Convertible cap replacement

    Crikey - that's not good. I need to get the next few weeks of work out of the way, then the local dealer can have it to be looked at.
  20. Convertible cap replacement

    Hmm, I've got one of those marks on the divers side @Tim_ if you don't mind me asking why are they taking so long to repair it? Judging from you comments above, they've had the car a very long time.