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  1. Arizona FS: Schroth QuickFit (Passenger side) Mustang 2005-2017

    Bump with another price drop. Need this gone!
  2. Where are your next events?

    Wildhorse Pass West - Oct 4th
  3. Arizona FS: Joes Racing Pyrometer 54005

    Selling a used Joes Racing Pyrometer p/n: 54005. I bought this back in 2018 and have used it quite a bit since then during track days. It still works perfectly fine and is a MUST HAVE for dialing in your camber/toe settings. If you want to get a TRUE temperature measurement from your tires after...
  4. Arizona FS: 2018+ Mustang GT Factory Intake

    Bump, price lowered
  5. Arizona FS: 2018+ Mustang GT Factory Intake

    Selling a takeoff 2018 Mustang GT factory intake (Upper lid and intake tube only). This was off of a low mile car and looks brand new. Great upgrade for any 2015-2017 Mustang GT. Bolts right unto the existing 2015+ intake lower box for an easy install. $65 + shipping. Located in Tucson, AZ
  6. Arizona FS: Schroth QuickFit (Passenger side) Mustang 2005-2017

    Selling a Schroth QuickFit passenger side harness with upgraded harness grips for any 2005-2017 Mustang. Was only used for one track day and is in perfect condition. Includes all original hardware. P/N: SR 17610 $165 shipped Located in Tucson, AZ
  7. Where are your next events?

    Inde Motorsports Sept 6th
  8. Biggsy's First Build

    You should be able to place it further up just fine. Putting a wicker on the vent will also increase its effectiveness.
  9. Biggsy's First Build

    I would go with the race louvers center vent. They have built in wickers and have optimized each louver angle for maximum air flow. You could mount the trackspec closer to the front of the hood but it's lack of wicker and louver design isn't optimal.
  10. Rear Diff Cover

    Well that is interesting... Curious to hear more data on it.
  11. BmacIL's Guard GT Build

    I had the same experience with the plugs, my gap was wayyy off on all plugs even at 50k miles... once I saw that I started changing them out every year as a maintenance item. Bummer about the trans... any thoughts as to why second gear may have gone out? Wear and tear? or some other cause...
  12. extra cooling: most bang for the buck? What temp gauge to look at?

    Nice, yeah that clearance looks great. I used a straight 1/2 NPT to -8AN adapter and then the 45 deg -8AN fitting off of that so certainly not the best for fitment compared to yours. Glad you posted a pic so that others can see how you did it. If someone plans to run the cold side to the factory...
  13. extra cooling: most bang for the buck? What temp gauge to look at?

    Also, I wonder if having the cold side in the factory fill hole may cause aeration of the oil as the system runs since it would be moving oil above the fill line? Just a thought.
  14. extra cooling: most bang for the buck? What temp gauge to look at?

    One thing to consider if reusing the existing fill hole as the cold side for a cooling system... when I was test fitting my setup with a 45 deg AN fitting pointing down it was awfully close to the rear sub frame and with some diff movement I can see it potentially contacting the fitting. Once I...