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  1. Possible Covid19 Protection

    DuckDuckGo does not censor as much.
  2. Possible Covid19 Protection

    Many people have reported a pitch noise after the second dose.
  3. PP2 real life pictures

    All good with 92 :)
  4. PP2 real life pictures

    Wawa gas always good ;)
  5. Possible Covid19 Protection

    The gov's logic - "vaccinate fat people first, they are high risk... "3 moths later when vaccination numbers drop - "let's give people free fries and burgers if they get vaccinated..." This is sick and you are getting played like little kids, watch from 2:30 if you do not have 5 minutes. Also...
  6. Possible Covid19 Protection

    Don't worry about people. Some will still say that the emails do not exist, even when you punch them in the face with an example. Bottom line from me is: wear a mask if you wan, get vaccinated if you want... do whatever the hell you want and f*** off from what I'm doing. That way we can live in...
  7. Possible Covid19 Protection

    That is interesting. Explain more, I would love to know how that works.
  8. Possible Covid19 Protection

    One I had in mind was sotrovimab. However, it got EUA on May 26th. That still took over 3 months....
  9. Possible Covid19 Protection

    Someone explain to me why big pharma companies submitted covid medicines for FDA approval month ago, and none got even close to emergency authorization... (for example GSK did about 3-4 months ago) But a unknown vaccine did in no time. Second, if there was a slight chance to help people infected...
  10. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    If anyone is looking for a Magnetic PP1 spoiler, let me know. I just replaced mine with a GT500 one and want to sell it. Perfect condition, ceramic coated :)
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Any problems with them? People say that they lower the proce after they pick it up.
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Carvana or Vroom?
  13. North Carolina WTB magnetic pp1 spoiler

    Hey, I pulled the spoiler from my 2019. If you are interested, I have photos under this thread.
  14. Pennsylvania 2015-2021 Performance pack spoiler Magnetic Metallic

    Pulled from a 2019 with 4K miles. Ceramic coated 4 weeks ago. Not a single scratch. Asking $300. Prefer local pick up, my zip is 19462. Can meet somewhere to make it easier if you have a long drive. Or I can ship if you are willing to pay for shipping, got a nice bog box from my new spoiler :)...
  15. Is she totaled?

    I think this will be totaled.
  16. Best GT500 Style Spoiler?

    Spoiler shipped today from Levittown, I think they have a few left. So if you are interested, go get one, or two :) Will post photos later.
  17. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    She got that ceramic coating on ;)