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  1. Loud vs. Sounds Good exhaust

    What are you talking about lol? Did I say otherwise? I literally said Roushes pairs with an xpipe are the best sounding exhausts with nice rumbles and pops?
  2. Lund vs Livernois

    50 HP and 43 LBs of torque? From a simple time? I just don't believe that. Can anyone else chime in?
  3. Loud vs. Sounds Good exhaust

    Roush axlebacks and Ford X pipe on an automatic GT are by far best sounding exhaust out there. So loud yet crazy rumble and pops. Manual sounds good too but not as deep and no pops
  4. Lund vs Livernois

    Thanks guys! Anyone have any 0-60 or 1/4 mile numbers? Want to see if it's worth it.
  5. Lund vs Livernois

    Does anyone have the performance gains for these tunes? I am contemplating which one to go with. Currently, I just have roush axleback and ford xpipe. Will be getting Kooks headers in the future. In addition to the performance gains, does anyone have quarter mile numbers or 0-60 numbers...
  6. Wheel Fitment in Michelin 4S

    thats kind of my issue. Cant fin'd a wheel with widths and offsets like that with a staggered set up. Been looking everywhere:shrug:
  7. Wheel Fitment in Michelin 4S

    Hey guys, This is driving my crazy trying to figure this out. I just picked up a pair of Michelin 4s 255/40/19 and 275/40/19. I am trying to find a pair of wheels to go with it. I want a very aggressive look and obviously need staggered set up. I am looking at the Niche Missanos but...
  8. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    How big of a difference would these make in a launch? For example going from all season to 4S could you wipe off half a second from a 0-60 time?
  9. How many have now upgraded from a 2015-2017 to a 2018/19?

    I promise the whipple 17 would destroy the 18 in a straight and the track. I have a lund tune on mine and it's basically the same as my cousins 18 GT PP. whipplemis a whole nother level
  10. Ticking/Rattling Noise coming from shifter/console

    Hi guys, I have a 17 auto GT and past couple days there has been this ticking/rattling noise when I accelerate from a stop in the low rpms for a few seconds and then it stops. It only seems to happen when I accelerate and stop when I am stopped or going at a constant speed. Any ideas? or...
  11. Ford Racing Xpipe w/ Roush axlebacks

    hi guys, I have had this set up for about a month, soudns great, however I was anticipating there to be more pops and gurgles than there is. It does not pop in D or sport+ and only a little in track mode. I have an auto 17 GT. Anyone get any pops with this set up and if not how can I...
  12. Help with wheel fitment

    hi guys can anyone help? can't find any wheels that fit Michelin 4S tires, fit is 255/40/19 and 275/40/19.
  13. Stock 2018 GT Auto vs Tuned 2017 GT Auto

    Might be late but I've spoken about this before, cousin has a fully loaded 18 PP auto stock and I have the 17 GT with Lund tune and michellins and I have a quicker 0-60 time and I always beat him from rolls. Will try and find the video
  14. Help with wheel fitment

    Hey Guys, Just ordered Michelin 4S tires, fit is 255/40/19 and 275/40/19. Currently I have stock Pzero. Looking for some wheels now to go with the tires. The offset currently is 35 and I think I want to go with 9 in the front and 10.5 in the back for the most aggressive look. Will that...
  15. 2020 GT500 Mustang Caught Testing Uncovered For The First Time

    Lol no they aren't. Ford SVP basically confirmed they're going with 15-17 headlights last week.
  16. Considering trading my 15 for an 18.

    objectively better performance...Aestethics on the other hand, don't even compare. 15-17 look so much better the better performance is a wash.
  17. Considering trading my 15 for an 18.

    theres a reason they are trying to convince you to trade in your 15 for an 18... don't do it
  18. Ford Racing Xpipe Water Leak

    Hi Guys, Just got my ford racing xpipe installed to go with my Roush and it sounds killer, however I noticed there was some water leakage in my garage this morning around where the xpipe aligns. I got the install done by the dealer and they said the clamps that come with ford racing xpipe...
  19. Active Exhaust opinions

    cousin has it on his 18 GT and it sounds horrible in comparison to my Roush axles with ford racing x pipe. That being said my set up is obnoxiously loud so take it for what its worth
  20. Those who had a 2017 and now a 2018 - whats it like?

    I have the 17 GT with a lund tune and my cousin has the 18 GT with 10 speed. I've driven both, not only does the 17 get way more attention but with the tune it is quicker as well. The 18 stock for stock is a bit quicker but not enough to warrant price. My cousins best run in his 18 GT is 4.9...