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  1. Just Purchased a 2017 GT350

    Either things have changed since I bought my 2017 or the dealer was very lenient. They let me test drive 2 cars, one by myself! They had a car at a sister dealership ~10 miles away they wanted me to also consider, so I drove one car to that dealership with the salesman, then drove the other car...
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Sounds pretty normal. I check my passenger side every ~500 miles, over the course of the last 3000 miles I've pulled out 75ml of oil.
  3. Show your personalized plate

    Nice. I tried to do the same in WA but that format is not allowed because it “conflicts with other special license plates”.
  4. Identify please.....

    You are right, good catch. I generically lumped it in with the other kits which is incorrect. Superformance cars are a complete rolling chassis sans only engine and transmission.
  5. Identify please.....

    Anyone interested in the history of the Daytona Coupes should check out the "Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965" by Michael Shoen, amazing read. IIRC, at one time Shoen owned 2 Coupes.
  6. Identify please.....

    Thanks! Photoshop animation of the tach in my 66....
  7. Identify please.....

    Daytona Coupe replica, don't know which one, there are several but doesn't look the the Superformance kit to me...
  8. Paint Bubbling in Hood

    I know nothing about PPF so this might be a dumb question...are you sure this is a paint problem and not an issue with the xpel, like trapped moisture?
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Hit one of my favorite roads, north of Seattle...
  10. Pete Brock GT350 HEP Stripe Re-Design

    Wow, that front view is off the charts!
  11. Battery?

    The OE battery listed in the 2017 GT350 supplement manual is a BXT-99RT4-A, 470 cca, so sounds like yours is the original. My 2017 has a BXT-96R-590 (590 cca) which was in the car when I bought it new. Fits and works fine. I assume there was a problem with the original and the dealer swapped in...
  12. GT350s then & now

    Indeed! IMO one of the pinnacle Mustangs of all time is the 69 Mach 1 with 428 SCJ.
  13. Let’s diagnose a hard brake pedal

    +1. Hearing how nasty (in a good way!) your current engine sounded at idle, I'm not surprised at all it's only pulling 16 inches at idle, actually thought it might be less than that.
  14. GT350s then & now

    Sure. I really need to take photos of the 2 cars together but for now.... 2nd montage: Left is a previous owner during a SCCA race at Portland International Raceway in 1974, turn 12. Right is me in the same PIR turn at SAAC-17 OT in 1992.
  15. GT350s then & now

    As a caretaker of a 66 GT350 since 1987, and now also a 17 GT350, I totally agree. When I decided a few years ago to totally obliterate the budget and add a 2nd car, I thought long and hard on what that car would be...65-66 K-code Mustang, 69-70 Boss 302, 63-64 427 Galaxie, and S-197 GT500 all...
  16. Looking for pictures of GT350 Recaro's at car shows

    Would like to have seen pics of those seats in the Camaro...
  17. Considering a used GT350. Are there alot of rattles in interior?

    Drive one and ask yourself....will a few rattles make me want to drive it less?
  18. BLACK GT350/R Thread

  19. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    I need to get an axe holder like that...
  20. Strange request from the Ford dealership

    Kudos to the dealer for reaching out, most wouldn't give a crap.