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  1. 2021 GT500 CFHP + new colors Grabber Yellow, Antimatter Blue, and Carbonized Gray Metallic

    I'm ordering a new Bronco and had it narrowed down to the Antimatter or the Carbonized. My local dealer got their new F150s in a few weeks ago, so I went to see the colors in person. I was definitely not impressed with either color. My glasses have the transition lenses and had to keep taking...
  2. 2020 GT500 Take-Off Parts For Sale On eBay

    Looks like it sold for $45k. 335 miles on it.
  3. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    The new Cactus Grey on the Bronco is the same paint code as the Fighter Jet Grey on the new Mach 1, just an FYI.
  4. 2021 Mustang Adds Antimatter Blue, Carbonized Gray, Grabber Yellow Colors. GT500 Gets Carbon Fiber Handling Package

    Here are a few samples of the Antimatter Blue from the Bronco forum. It looks almost black without direct sunlight. First pic is against a black car, paint sample looks a little dull. These are what Ford showed the colors off with. Color on the right is Antimatter Blue in the shade (left...
  5. Hail Damaged GT500

    I had to do this a few weeks ago (not in writing, necessarily). My 72 F350 was taking up most of the garage while i was putting a new gas tank, fuel pump, and fuel lines in it. Meanwhile, I took my 93 Cobra out for a cruise and ended up snapping a sway bar link. The parts for the truck got...
  6. Hail Damaged GT500

    PDR - paintless dent repair?
  7. 2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Don't shoot the messenger... After the end of production Thursday, plants will be closed until the 30th.
  8. Predict price on used 2020 GT500???

    Saw this one coming.
  9. Am I The First?

    My old man is a Veteran Service Officer and that's the first thing he usually does when people come in is have them update their driver's license to show veteran/military status. He's said it's helped out quite a few guys.
  10. Am I The First?

    Only when your'e slaying M5's in Mexico? :giggle: :rockon:
  11. Twister Orange GT500 pictures

    Did anyone order the TO with the blue stripes? I don't think i've seen any other than the pre-production version.
  12. Rock Guards

    I can see the reasoning for these for street purposes, but wouldn't these kind of defeat the purpose of the aero design on the track?
  13. Car and Driver 2020 GT500 First Test - 11.4 @ 132 quarter mile

    Forward to 3:15. 'Fastest stock car I've ever been in'.
  14. Car and Driver 2020 GT500 First Test - 11.4 @ 132 quarter mile

    Who's the guy swinging the giant wiffle ball bat full of knowledge around that's been known here for months... :lipssealed::crazy:
  15. For Those of US That Are Buying From a Small Ford Dealer---I Had a REVELATION...

    Understandable, I'm not currently in the market for one. After you take delivery maybe we can meet up so I can check it out. I'm usually down in Omaha a few times a year with my 93 Cobra for a few of the bigger car shows.
  16. For Those of US That Are Buying From a Small Ford Dealer---I Had a REVELATION...

    Hey Chuck, i'm just an hour north of you in South Sioux City. If you don't mind me asking, which small town dealer did you go through?
  17. 1st Delivery

    Did anyone else get to cruise around Vegas in a GT500 with Jim during the Track Tour? :inspect:
  18. 1st Delivery

    No, just going with the most obvious, standard trickle down social media popularity coattail network. They're looking at tens of thousands of views in 'free' publicity that they can make a few extra sales, thus make up the markup loss on that GT500.
  19. 1st Delivery

    I'm pretty sure the dealership contacted him after they found out from their sales rep that they would be getting one of the first cars. They then bargained on an ADM that would satisfy him, and also get their dealership their free nationwide 5 minutes of fame thru his social media. He might...