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  1. Bullitt Stripes.....please no

    Why would you want to publicise your bad taste?
  2. Tiger Woods Car Crash Was in a Genesis GV80

    Given his record would you want him to give you a lift home from a party?
  3. Tire rotation?

    so do I
  4. Tire Dressings-which ones?

    Dream on ! The PC brigade would kill that name stone dead and you'd be run out of town
  5. Tire Dressings-which ones?

    I use Mothers and it seems pretty good
  6. Window Sticker

    is it correct that Ford doesn't now produce window stickers for export vehicles?
  7. Shipping Track and Trace & Vin number

    How did you get the ship name?
  8. Mach 1 Deliveries in AUS

    So that ETA of April 24 is arrival in OZ ?Any update on boat yet, it seems like the Salome fits this time frame?
  9. Mach 1 Deliveries in AUS

    When did they stop the window stickers for export vehicles?
  10. Mach 1 Deliveries in AUS

    Any of you Aussies got a mach 1 window sticker in the last 2 weeks and if so what was the build date indicated on it?
  11. Bullitt owners only - How old are you?

    I thought this was a thread on age. How did it get hijacked (or should I say radicalised)onto bmw's and audis?
  12. So this woman with gorilla glue in her hair what am I missing here?

    Maybe the longer term solution is to put the pill in the urban water supplies?
  13. Interior colour options

    Do you want to end up with a lhd Mustang?
  14. Car back at the dealership....Wont go into Reverse

    you are a member of the public so of course you are a pest, except when you are handing over your $$$$$$'s. Then you are a client and then you just revert to a pest again
  15. Pony broke its tail (center cap)

    yes buy the 5 spurs caps
  16. My 2020 Mustang GT Purchase

    yes the mirrors do take a bit of getting used to, but you'll quickly adjust Enjoy!
  17. Mach 1

    Anyone replacing their Bullitt with a Mach 1?