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  1. 1000hp Drift/Road race/Drag Daily ups and downs of a newbie

    I am not going to bad mouth any vendors but I will say if I was in Cali ... no question RPG racing would be my first choice . They (MMR) do have a bad rep around here but I personally don’t believe it’s deserved . I have had 3 motors built by them over the years with variable results . The first...
  2. 1000hp Drift/Road race/Drag Daily ups and downs of a newbie

    Oh man! Just saw the carnage . Don’t feel bad . I have been there a lot ... hence code name “coyote killer “ Fortunately coyote parts /rebuilds are relatively cheap compared to exports . I have 4 S550’s (including a GT 350) and I actually keep at least a “ spare “ long block for each
  3. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Too many cars so this would be a great time to unload so got offers on Carvana. -33K for both my 15GT’s - base /MT82 with 15,000 miles and premium , Recaro /10r80 with 24,000 mile $36K for my 18GT with PP1/premium/Recaro /10r80 with 28,000. $47K for the 16 GT 350 with 23,00 mile . it seems...
  4. 1000hp Drift/Road race/Drag Daily ups and downs of a newbie

    Subscribed and welcome . Great first post !
  5. Mach 1 Front Bumper - anyone making one yet?

    That is where I got mine when I replaced my OEM 2 years ago . Fitment is better than OEM and I would highly recommend .
  6. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    Sent you a PM
  7. DW400 fuel pump running a JMS Boost a Pump?

    This is what pressure looked like with Fore hat /x 274’s compared to the x2 DW400/GT 350 hat .
  8. DW400 fuel pump running a JMS Boost a Pump?

    I have had a similar experience with a return set up with X 2 DW 400 pumps in a GT 350 hat . This was part of a kit set up for me by JN2UNING for my 18/whipple . When I first tried to install the kit 2 years ago I broke the plastic feed line on the GT 350 hat. Fortunately I had a fore hat with...
  9. Indiana 16 GT350 -Built motor-2.9 whipple

    Got a Carvana offer for $47K if I returned it to stock .... very tempting .Power train warranty is up anyway and buyer will still get an upgraded “stock “ motor . Lol Should be able to the get close to the balance of my asking for the car as is by selling the blower /CF drive shaft , return fuel...
  10. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    I will have you a number no later than tomorrow .
  11. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    No cage .
  12. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    Never listed the car before . I will get you a number this weekend . I know you said chassis and have your motor and transmission ...but need to know if you want the ECU and wiring, ice tank in the trunk/ plumbing and the fuel hat with pumps and lines .
  13. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    Some interior pics
  14. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    Took her out to get washed took some pics with name /date
  15. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    Easier for me /less labor to sell with suspension .Has 4.10 /iron /rear end. would you want the one piece drive shaft /safety loop ? keep triple pump fuel hat /and lines ? Do you want the ECU /wiring and after market gauges - boost , fuel pressure , oil pressure and temp and E85 sensor ? if...
  16. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    Make me an offer 😎
  17. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    Decided yet on Engine? I would offer you one of my “ spares” to get going but your car deserves a no expense spared /sleeved build to go with everything else 😎
  18. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    For the right price I will pull fully built motor/ Magnum Xl . it can come with all stock suspension / brakes and stock wheels .. or include one piece drive shaft , Baer drag brakes , Koni struts , Viking crusader shocks Has rear seat delete but have all 4 cloth seats .
  19. New Jersey WTB 15+ roller

    How much are you offering ?