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  1. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    i know, im so sorry. Im so swamped with the next event, i havent even gone through everything to share anyones media lol. I promise, you will get it :)
  2. DI Water Systems

    I just bought this for my house. works every very well. Only $400 is nice too
  3. Black exhaust tips on stock mufflers?

    i searched for weeks looking for 5" black tips. no luck Just call @LethalPerformance and order a Borla, you wont regret it
  4. Go-Fast Modifications

    Why not get a custom X pipe done? i have kooks 2" to custom X to borla rear
  5. What will it run?

    should go 9s all day. start at 17psi cold, hot itlle be about 19, see how much more or less traction you need from there
  6. LUND RACING vs PBD Tunes?

    I only use PBD now. Too many lost races and horror stories about the other tuner. plus, snitches belong in ditches.
  7. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    whos in your avatar?
  8. Mods (hp+)that won’t void warranty?

    i think total decibel is the same, or possibly louder. ive never heard it from outside the car but others have told me how loud it is. WHat im saying in general, is that the header/decatted+ oem rear, is LOUD, but also not refined, its just LOUD. Once I did the Borla, it seemed to fine tune the...
  9. One Lap of America

    Im suprised noone is talking about this yet. I saw @BillyJRacing instagram post and had to follow Apparantly hes running a stock CFTP in it, should be a great time! Ill post whatever links i havr to follow, but feel free to add better ones.
  10. This car over delivers, in every way imaginable - *8 sec 1/4 mile

    i remembered.. all my parts are available off the shelf now, id list it, but i dont want to see it
  11. Old head with GT500 questions

    research how the 2 differentiate. you will see the value
  12. This car over delivers, in every way imaginable - *8 sec 1/4 mile

    eh.. im not sure 20k is realistic, 30 is probably closer to actual
  13. Old head with GT500 questions

    color is on you handling package i would skip, as the pieces you want will be available individually, and the OEM oil catchcan is junk compared to what is actually needed, so get a UPR can.
  14. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    Thanks Gents. just ordered. happy to spend 10 minutes less cleaning the car now
  15. Mods (hp+)that won’t void warranty?

    I can tell you for a FACT the Borla kit is better than OEM, as far as sound, and NOT as loud.. loud, yes, as loud? no. not to me anyway. 0, ZERO regrets on doing it, and this is coming from someone that tried to make their own valved flowmaster kit ( yes, the below 4000 flowmaster sound was an...
  16. $12.95 first mod on 2021 after 1 time driving

    ive had them in since day 8 or so, they keep 95%+ of stuff out, and have never lost one in all the high speed driving ive done
  17. New Owner- question on what the trick was to put the transmission in performance shift mode?

    1- READ THE MANUAL 2- "M" is what you need to press to hold the gear at whatever rpm you want/ deny auto-upshifts 3- normal / sport / track are shifting and suspension settings. #3 will alter the characteristics, but without "M" it will still shift on its own
  18. Carbotech front and rear pads available

    So whats the part# for powerstop fronts, i guess rubber backed, as i dont want squeal either