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  1. And the hits just keep on coming... 2017 GT350 - low/no oil possibly?

    I don't think oil pressure ever gets to 10-15 psi, does it? Those numbers seem really low to me. That sounds more like a cold startup pressure that I remember. Really high.
  2. And the hits just keep on coming... 2017 GT350 - low/no oil possibly?

    An extended warranty would go a long way. Probably the main damage will be scuffing on the pistons and bearing wear. There's no way to see that without a teardown and I wouldn't want the dealer to do that. In a way, the extended warranty is almost better than engine replacement, because you...
  3. And the hits just keep on coming... 2017 GT350 - low/no oil possibly?

    Frankly I think the engine should be replaced. It made unusual noises and to me that means something wasn't getting proper lubrication. Just because it will keep running means nothing at all. And it will probably still last beyond the warranty period, but it's been damaged by running low on...
  4. And the hits just keep on coming... 2017 GT350 - low/no oil possibly?

    I'd worry about the wrong oil as well. But I'm a worrier.
  5. What’s the better VooDoo now?

    I think there's more differences in the car that would make me choose one over the other. IMO the changes to the Voodoo aren't enough to change the decision.
  6. Mid Corner Throttle?

    If you are in a corner without touching the brake or gas, the car is slowing down rather rapidly. So you might use the limits of the car's cornering grip for a very short time (like the amount of time it takes to transition from braking to on the gas), but after that the car is traveling too...
  7. Mid Corner Throttle?

    Yes of course I agree but I think of what you are saying here as semantics. If you are driving in a corner for anything more than a split second without touching either the brake or gas at all, you did something wrong. AFAIK that time when you are not touching either the brake or the throttle...
  8. Science is now cancelled?

    Theories and laws are not at all the same. Earth's climate is a more complex system than people give it credit for being. Scientific theories about how much warming will happen, how much is human affected vs other causes, etc. are NOT settled. You cannot take a current climate model, start in...
  9. Mid Corner Throttle?

    Yes, you should be going directly from the brake to the throttle in every corner. If you don't have your foot either on the brake or the throttle, you are not in control of the car. I agree you aren't punching it when you put your foot on the throttle. The percentage of the turn where you are...
  10. Science is now cancelled?

    I agree that science is the search for truth. As such, real scientists welcome new theories and even conflict. That's the entire reason for the word theory. Real scientists believe that theories should continually be questioned and tested. What is not part of real science is mocking and...
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    Good post. It really doesn't matter whether there is a Christian God or not. Either way it makes sense to live as though there is one. At first I was going to disagree. However after considering it I agree that technological improvements have done a lot to improve our way of life...
  12. Microchip Shortage Not Ending Soon

    The news says that personal income increased by 21% last month. Just insane.
  13. Microchip Shortage Not Ending Soon

    Right. I was going to say that regulations and government printing money are what caused most of the problems.
  14. TR 3160 Whine

    If it were me I would do a rebuild at minimum. Might be a good time to swap out to the track pack transmission and add the track pack coolers.
  15. TR 3160 Whine

    I would at a minimum drain and refill the transmission fluid. Look for metal debris in it. Although if the clutch was changed recently they may have changed fluid at the same time.
  16. Aftermarket Driver Track Seat

    My opinion is if you're having trouble staying in place with the stock seats, you just need to tighten your harness. If you're trying to use a regular 3 point factory seat belt - yes I agree that will never work. You need a harness and it needs to be tight. You shouldn't feel comfortable, but...
  17. Mid Corner Throttle?

    I disagree with this. Just because you aren't the best of the best at executing doesn't mean you don't know a heck of a lot of theory. The Exotic Driver was probably correct in the given car and the given situation. I'm sure what Randy P. says is correct as well in a different situation...
  18. New Mustang Nascar Leaked First Look

    It hasn't been that unusual in the past for a new Mustang shape to look like the previous Shelby Mustang. 2013 Mustangs looked a lot like the 2010 GT500, for example.
  19. BC FORGED! Custom Forged Wheels, Authorized Dealer!

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