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  1. Help: Can the Gauge display be changed to show actual numbers instead of arm and tic marks?

    When you're in this view, use the up/down arrow buttons on the right side of your steering wheel, to cycle up and down through the possible items you can display in the centre.
  2. Bad Knock Sensor? - 2017 V6

    Even if there's no technical benefit from using 91 vs 87 on car designed for 87, that assumes all best case scenarios. For example, my bro's vehicle was misfiring and running rough, and we changed the spark plugs and coil only a year and half prior. So I asked him, where do you fill your gas...
  3. Bad Knock Sensor? - 2017 V6

    Largely agree, except depending on the speed at which OP begins to decelerate, injectors may still be spraying fuel. Deceleration Fuel Shut Off/Cut-off (DFSO/DFCO) strategies kick in and shut off the injectors only at a certain vehicle speed at deceleration (say 15mph for example, not sure what...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    They may not be any more resistant to swelling/deforming than the oem units, but two things really does these in over time: -impacting with an impact gun when installing/removing -corrosion On the note of impacting, I've seen great success preserving stock oem lug nuts by breaking torque with a...
  5. Do you think this would be too much going on with my car?

    Assuming it's the black PP wheels (cuz they come in silver [much rarer], and there's also the OEM bright silver 5-spoke option, which is also rarer) I don't think there's too much going on. Silver badges act as highlights/bright spots and complement the brightness of the white; meanwhile, the...
  6. I hate people who think they are special

    Yeah, people are absolute trash, and their "if it's not mine, I don't care" mentality. This reminds me of a time I was on the phone with a girlfriend while she was parked, sitting in her car, still talking to me. A dude parks next to her, opens the door into her car, she looks at him, he looks...
  7. Do you think this would be too much going on with my car?

    Pics? Depends on how wide the stripes are, and are they twin stripes, or a single wide stripe, etc.?
  8. Mach 1 at the Ford Performance Racing School

    Yes, it's an interesting question. From what we can see, it appears to have a large part in branding/marketing goals, as opposed to whether or not the actual vehicle "can objectively perform on a level that can be considered to be branded under Ford Performance." The SUVs - Explorer and Edge ST...
  9. Auto Rim Shop: Avoid.

    Unbelievable. Where is the pride in workmanship and quality these days? In 2021, it should be VERY easy to paint match a rim colour with the digital technology they use for auto body paint matching. You've every right to be upset, and I wish you luck with the return processing, as the...
  10. Photograph of the Month - May 2021. Guidelines in post #1

    Me and good friend of mine met up
  11. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Yup, exactly
  12. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Yeah, I also agree with this. Working with cars, I've seen where new cars leak slightly in various oil/fluid gasket/o-ring locations, and after a while, they are fine. It's almost as if the gaskets were made slightly out of spec, but some brief exposure to heat or fluid "swelled them" enough...
  13. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Yeah, this type of fitting (called "Quick-Connect") a few other domestic OEMs like Chrysler use it for various hydraulic line fitting attachments, just like transmission cooling, for e.g. The clip is what ensures the line in stays in - it doesn't seal the fluid in. The line has a lip that...
  14. Bell housing leak

    Agree with all the above. You can also try to smell it... I do that a lot for unknown fluid leaks and it tells a lot.
  15. No stripes .............. No emblems (claps)

    Glad you got it back and nice to see you decided to do the delete! :thumbsup: Again, the great thing is, you can always add the decals back (assuming the time you want to do that, they still have them)
  16. Pre-Filter Use

    Yes, the idea is you would leave it on all the time, as an added layer of protection in severely wet or dusty environments. Of course, it adds an extra layer of restriction, but it is very, very small. It's the price you pay for the added protection. However, for what it's worth, I used to use...
  17. What engine in what car would you like to see?

    I actually have 3 scenarios I'd love to see (#3 I'd actually love to see, not kidding lol): 1. Nissan GT-R VR38DETT 3.8L Twin Turbo V6 in an S550 Mustang 2. GT350 5.2L FPC V8 in a Nissan 350Z 3. GT500 5.2L CPC Supercharged V8 in a 2015-20 Dodge Grand Caravan I have more daydream scenarios, but...
  18. dash plaque

    That's some great additional info! Very interesting like you said.
  19. dash plaque

    Whoops, you're right :thumbsup:- Gonna edit the post