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  1. IAT Temps Procharger D1X

    Is the intercooler mounted correctly and seeing good airflow?
  2. ATI Dampner / Crank Support

    Make sure you have a Torx 40+ bit before you get the balancer as you will need it to assemble the balancer before you can install it. I had to order it from Summit iirc.
  3. ATI Dampner / Crank Support

    They should come with the balancer if not .....
  4. High boost Gen2 and E85

    I went back and reread the texts and he did not have the crank saver installed, just an ARP bolt. He's putting the crank saver on the new motor.
  5. ATI Dampner / Crank Support

    Follow ATI's instructions. Put a light coating of antisieze on the crank snout , use a balancer install tool. If you're using a grade 8 balancer bolt clean out the crank threads with brake cleaner and a pipe brush, apply assembly lube to the threads and torque to 145ft/lbs. Heating up the...
  6. High boost Gen2 and E85

    I get that and it's definitely a possibility, but seating a balancer really isn't that difficult so imo there is more to the issue than that. Tough to nail down though because many people who add blowers also change OPG's or the balancer at some point.
  7. High boost Gen2 and E85

    Who owned the car seemed irrelevant when I made the original post as I was responding to a question about how these motors hold up to a given amount of boost. I simply stated that my motor handled that boost just fine until the snapped crank ended its life. I assigned no cause to that...
  8. High boost Gen2 and E85

    Like what exactly? The snout of the crank snapped off...
  9. FI System with least Heat Soak Issues

    14psi, 62deg at the tree, 112 at the traps. Stage 2 intercooler.
  10. FI System with least Heat Soak Issues

    The MAF sensor is the IAT sensor and it's located in the intercooler.
  11. High boost Gen2 and E85

    I put about 25k on the blower before I sold it in sept. The crank snapped on the new owner. He recently put OPG's in it and switched to the ARP crank saver stud setup. Everything was installed by a Ford tech so I assume it was done correctly.
  12. High boost Gen2 and E85

    My D1SC gen1 was on 16psi and held up just fine until the crank snout snapped off. The internals looked good though. If the fueling and tune are right you should be fine.
  13. Name that sound !

    in 35years under the hood I've never heard anything like that, definitely not bottom end.
  14. 2020 GT500 hot lap time from Laguna Seca [Motortrend]

    1 second behind the Huracan Evo AWD. Not shabby.
  15. 2020 GT500 hot lap time from Laguna Seca [Motortrend]

    Ohh....looks like some Camaro6 lurking is in order. Better make some popcorn first.
  16. New record fastest stock 2020 gt500!

    What's the bone stock Redeye record these days?
  17. Best Long Block for FI?

    I sold my Procharged SLB '13 last month to a guy that dyno'd it and then did OPG's. It was making 775whp and he sent me a pic of the factory gears.... they looked perfectly fine after 50k/mi. Anecdotal evidence, but evidence none the less.