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  1. 2017 Mustang with 7500 miles. Brakes are starting to squeal...

    Mine are BAD. Took it in around 9k miles and they took the brakes apart, scuffed up the pads, and re-applied anti squeal to all parts. They stopped squeaking for about 8 miles and then it was back to normal. My car literally sounds like a 20 year old Buick pulling up to every light. Anyone have...
  2. Whipple Gen2 3.25 pulley and MS109 = 793whp

    Was looking at your sig are you running a 305 on a 9" front wheel or is that just the rear? TIA.
  3. Smell after Spirited Driving

    Sorry to revive an old thread but there was not much for this when I searched. I installed a Corsa Xtreme on my 2017 PP GT, and have been dealing with a very strong sulfur/rotten egg smell since installation. I was wondering if the OP ever found a solution. Mine is bad. If I'm doing 90 on the...
  4. From BMW to FORD!!!

    Beautiful car I love silver wheels on dark colored cars. Black wheels are overdone even though they look great. Another long time BMW onwer here. Down to one right now. The Mustang is amazing, but every week or two, I still need to drive the aging E36. i think the key to happiness is having the...
  5. 30 or 35 series for 20" setup

    I have the G2s in 275/30/20 and 295/30/20. I am also running 20x10/11 wheels, but with a somewhat aggressive 35 offset. Next time I will do a 305/30 in the rear, as I think I will possibly have some rubbing in the rear after I lower it. Are you lowered, and if so, how much? Also what is you...
  6. Should I push in clutch or stay in gear after pull?

    Upshift and engine brake from a lower RPM.
  7. Saleen Black label ordered

    "Bro you didn't spring for the 700+HP monster? Waste of money." I do not understand this mentality. 15 years ago only a bona fide supercar was making 450HP, and now we are scoffing at it? Congrats to OP for having one of the most unique Mustangs on the road.
  8. Need Help With Window Tinting Suggestions

    I suppose it's always possible as I didn't actually see the product. I took my customers recommendation based on the fact that she has had 6 cars tinted by him over the past 10 years and never had a bubble or a peel on any of them, including a Corolla she has had for 8 years since the tint job...
  9. Who do you let drive your car?

    I think any car enthusiast who meets his is obliged to offer him their keys no matter what they drive lol. I let my best friend drive my car, as he and I have both driven every car the other has owned at some point. We actually jointly owned two cars in our late teens. But he released the clutch...
  10. Need Help With Window Tinting Suggestions

    I wear polarized and no problems with my 3M. I guess I got a better deal than I though after reading this. It was a referral from one of my customers who has an Avalanche GT350 and he only charged my $140 for 5% on all 5 windows.
  11. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    NEED4SPEED Hey if you can provide some close ups of how your APR splitter support rods are installed it would be much appreciated. I just received mine and really like how yours are positioned
  12. First Oil Change

    I opted for the service plan (super cheap) for 6yrs/70k all scheduled maintenance and I get oil changes every 5k. The first was at 1100 miles. If I ever want to sell the car a big plus will be having records of every factory service and a break in oil change. I know I could put better oil in it...
  13. can't decide on lowering my daily

    Harbor Freight has ramps for like 25 bucks that definitely make lowered cars mile easier to lift. If you're cheap a couple 2x4s will also work.
  14. can't decide on lowering my daily

    Car looks great man! I am hoping to run the sportlines but am a little nervous about the fitment. What wheel widths, offsets, and tire sizes are you running? Thanks in advance
  15. So is anyone worried their hood is going to break free?

    I think I got lucky. I have cracked 140 a few times and never have had any hood movement without adjusting anything. Maybe the guy who built mine heard about the hood buffeting problems lol:lol:
  16. Age of mustang owners?

    I hear ya. I'm 26 and just purchased my 18th vehicle lol.:cheers:
  17. Age of mustang owners?

    26 and I never considered it an option. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with a turbo four, but if I went that route it would have been a BMW 330i or an Audi S3.
  18. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    I need a drop but here she is as of today.
  19. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    What's up with that E36 tho? :D
  20. New Shoes!

    MellowYellow: ET35 all four corners. [email protected]: thanks and just wanted to say thanks again for your help with tire sizing and all the help you provide members here!