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  1. It's Here! My 2019 Mustang Bullitt Delivery and First Drive.

    Awesome. Congrats again, Matt. I’m truly very happy for you.
  2. Dealer doublecross

    So did the OP sign a sales agreement or no?
  3. First track day, first crash day

    Ouch. Very sorry that happened to you.
  4. New Owner - Leather Seat Lower Back Pain Question

    In addition to adjusting the seat, also try adjusting the telescoping steering. You never know what combo may help.
  5. Thoughts on 18 Roush blower?

    Is there still an issue with the fuel rails for the 2018 Roush blower? I understand there was a recall and people were waiting for replacement parts.
  6. Longest day of my life.

    Mustang will do absolutely fine in the winter with four snow tires. Last winter I did a video up here with my local dealer with a 2017 Mustang GT with a Roush supercharger. It had four snow tires on it and was really impressive. 727 (crank) hp and snow... Not what most would think was an...
  7. Update: 2019 Bullitt Mustang Order Banks Open, 480 Horsepower, Starts at $46,595 MSRP

    This is a rumour and that’s all. I really doubt there is going to be a bigger mark up on the Bullitt than the GT350R.
  8. Local Dealer takes a 2018 auto to the track...

    No, no. You're not coming off like a dick at all. I really appreciate your constructive criticism. To answer your question... Cause awesome. Well, that's 15s you'll never get back... Yes. Sometimes I even listen to the stereo while driving. It's a horrible feeling but I like to torture...
  9. Local Dealer takes a 2018 auto to the track...

    He's just using it as a brace during harder rights. While the base seats are comfortable and do well for enthusiastic driving, on the track the Recaros are prolly a good idea, depending on how much you plan on tracking your car.
  10. Need for green or Bullitt?

    It says Equipment Group: Over the Top Racing Stripe *Ebony Over the Top Racing Stripe (47a) are required with Need For Green (AJ). --- So that means you have to get the racing stripe with NFG or does it mean if you order a racing stripe and the color of the car is NFG, you have to get the...
  11. Need for green or Bullitt?

    Are you sure? Where did you hear that? That would be a first, considering it's not a special package, just a paint color.
  12. Local Dealer takes a 2018 auto to the track...

    I did this vid with my local dealer here in Ontario during a track day. Lots of guys were very impressed with how well the new 5.0L auto did on the twisties. on track starts at 2:50 reviews at 4:42 [ame]
  13. Top Gear denied my I made my own show

    Videos are great. Can't wait to see the drive. I recommend this for your exterior sound shots:
  14. Convertibles Photos Thread

  15. thumbnail image1

    thumbnail image1

  16. 2018 GT Premium 6 Spd PP1

    If you want the 10spd then get it. I test drove one and it's awesome. When hard into the throttle, those shifts snap fast! I love a manual too, but if you're leaning towards the auto, then this is the auto to have.
  17. Opinions on tri pony badge for front grill please!!!

    I like it! (bumper cover off to install Cervini C-Series grille)
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  19. Buyer Beware! Bill Currie Ford Tampa

    “Well, we've never done this before. But seeing as it's special circumstances and all, he says I can knock a hundred dollars off that Trucoat.”
  20. 401A for 2015 GT Vert?

    If you can find one with the Pro, I'd get it. I find the base stereo sound pretty underwhelming. I have the bass set at just about max and the midrange adjusted just so there's at least some richness to the sound. Stereo in my F150, by comparison, is awesome. Not sure why Ford wouldn't put...