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  1. New facelift as 18 not well received

    I know this sounds stupid but the 18+ models look 110% better without the front pony. Something about the big chrome pony in the front just throws a wet blanket on it for me. Every 18+ I've seen with a blank front grill has looked awesome to me.
  2. went to extend warranty and bought a new Stang...

    The salesperson must have been very charming haha Congrats!
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Mine is getting there. I won't let anyone wash my car but myself and it's cold af. I usually bring a warm bucket of water into the garage and do a rinesless wash in the winter but this year I just haven't got around to it. But I'd rather it be caked in snow dandruff than run it through a coin...
  4. The GT/Ecoboost/V6 Rivalry!

    The GT superiority complex exists mostly on the internet. The V6 Mustang has become a "meme" and if you don't have a coyote you're some sort of loser or something. It's on this forum in good measure, but it's not community breaking. Bad apples etc etc. Outside of M6G, it's very pervasive...
  5. Request for input regarding decision to trade away the pony

    They're ancient that's why haha Seriously though, they're very simple cars relatively speaking and the Hemis are known inside and out, so there's not many surprises. This generation of the Chally/Charger is 10 years old now. All the worst kinks are worked out. They're heavy SOBs but they're...
  6. Request for input regarding decision to trade away the pony

    I know you said no Challenger.....but if I was you, I'd buy a Challenger. Once you go Euro, you gotta fork out serious cash for everything. I spent years in the VW-Audi scene. They aint cheap. MB, BMW and all of them are the same. There's more owners out there with problems on their S550s...
  7. Swapping out 373s to 331s???

    If you want even taller gears, I have a loaded 3.15 pumpkin for sale.
  8. Why did you choose your S-550

    It's was the most affordable NA RWD manual car that you can buy new. Sometimes I thank God everyone overlooked the 3.7, because it meant that I could actually afford one.
  9. Ecoboost mustang vs competition

    Yeah a base model EB is one heck of a new car bargain. Keep in mind too, a lot of those $27-28k GTs have a bunch of incentives and rebates stacked on top of each other that you probably don't qualify for and the low sticker price is just bait to get you in the door.
  10. Oil change frequency

    Be nice guys. OP, you're better off served here:
  11. Had fun, thanks for the good time!

    I didn't say it was perfect, but it's a longshot from a "shithole". There's crooked politicians and crime in every state. I've been to plenty of states and seen plenty of grass, I feel like I have plenty of freedom here in the Old Line State. It works for me just fine. So what works for me...
  12. Had fun, thanks for the good time!

    Maryland will be happy to see you leave then, because I love my State and it is most certainly not a "shithole". Now with that being said, no one around here can drive. MD, VA, or DC. Whenever someone goes "People from [insert tri-city metro area location] can't drive!" I just roll my eyes...
  13. Ecoboost mustang vs competition

    I'm going to guess that the insurance for the GT is much higher. If you're getting 26.5MPG in a GT he'd probably get 30+ in the EB. If you live anywhere with hills (like here in Maryland) you're not going to get anywhere close to 26MPG in a GT and that's before you factor in traffic. So even if...
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Bout tree fiddy
  15. Which wheel offset to eliminate spaces Helps you calculate the differences in your current and prospective wheel setups. The offset you want depends on wheel width and tire width. I would go to the wheel thread and poke around and see which setups you like to get an idea...
  16. Why no Twin Turbo v6 mustang like the F150 engine?

    All I'll say is this: People would like the V6 more if they drove it with 3.73s. Ford put 3.15s on it and neutered it. Hard to have a fighting chance when your shoelaces are tied, so to speak. A TTV6 would be a tuning monster. Stock is irrelevant, because we know it would still be fast. Like...
  17. Copart Mustang as my first car? financial mistake?

    What he said. No offense, but if your budget is $9K, you're in the wrong ballpark man.
  18. What would you pay? New 17

    Exactly. That's not a "new" car. The deal is terrible. If you're looking for low miles, you'll find it, low mile 17s are in abundance. I would make your search radius larger. Sometimes it's worth traveling to get a good deal.
  19. Questions about 1st>2nd shifts

    1. Probably fluid, yes 2. Feature, not a bug. The clunking of this transmission has been documented widely here. It's just the way it is. Almost only prevalent at low rpm though. 3.Try a clutch spring mod. Otherwise this problem sounds like you need more seat time and just learn the muscle...