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  1. Msrp R Northern Ca

    Facebook is ....look at me or doesn’t my food recipe look good. Here is my boyfriend and me at the lake. It’s mostly women sharing useless stuff. My wife’s on it with her cousins or other chatter boxes. Not my thing. The one and only picture I put on Facebook ....people thought we were in Italy...
  2. Too much HP?

    Rear wheel drive and over 700 hp. The ZR1 has reached its limits. Those are some hefty limits like 0 to 60 in 2.85 and a limit of 215 mph. That’s why you can expect a C8 ME AWD coming from GM on their top performance model. Most of the super cars have gone this route. My 14 GT500 was terrible...
  3. 1st night together, I hope they get along!

    My GS would not get in the garage with the My 07 SGT. Had to get rid of her. Oh well. The Ford GT and KR were happy as clams together. The Shelby GT350 got along with the Boss just fine Nice Camaro you have there :thumbsup:
  4. Oldest GT350 owner?

    70 here. Still trading cars a lot. Waiting on the C8 now. No health issues at all. Doc says I have a athletic heart ❤️.People walk on my grass all the time. Manual trans are still my favorite. I was still in college when the Boss 302 were in the showrooms. The 64 GTO was hot ticket in high...
  5. Corvette Fan returns to The Pony

    Yeah I got tired of my batmobile ( That’s what young people call it ) and went back to a 18 GT also.. Good choice but now I’m waiting on the C8. Oh well.
  6. Mustang or Corvette?

    With the C8 coming soon I figured the 17 GS would take a pretty good depreciation hit. I paid $57 with over $13K discounts. Traded her for $56K. This might get a few shouts but I actually like the looks of the mustang better. Never could warm up to that long front and curves and all. Kind of...
  7. Mustang or Corvette?

    Sold the 17 GS and Waiting for the C8 down the road. I must say the 18 GT PP 1 for $21K less is doing just fine in the bang for the buck category. Don’t miss the GS at all. Watching the spy C8 mules on the road is building my expectations. Can’t wait to see one buck naked. Audi just sent me an...
  8. Is a GT too impractical for daily driving?

    Priorities need to be established early in life. Most companies no longer provide a defined benefit pension. So one most build a nest egg. Either by using a 401K , IRA or some other method of building capital. Time does fly by and tomorrow never comes if you put off saving. I know a lot of...
  9. 2018 GT PP1 : delayed throttle response

    10 mph in first gear ...then punch it and there is a tenth of a second delay. Nothing to do with shifting.
  10. Is a GT too impractical for daily driving?

    Don’t live beyond your means. Live the way you want. Once you figure how to do both you will be fine. It’s just that simple. But it’s freaking hard to do over time. To many distractions along the way. You got to stay focused.
  11. 2018 GT PP1 : delayed throttle response

    Then why doesn’t my C7 GS do this ? My 14 GT500 didn’t do it either. Drove a Audi R8 and didn’t do it. Need some other owners of the 18 Mustang GT to chime in please. Thanks.
  12. 2018 GT PP1 : delayed throttle response

    It is annoying as hell and yes the C7 doesn’t do this. Any suggestions on how to override this. Don’t want a tune or CAI unless that’s the only fix.
  13. Here’s why the 2018 Mustang GT costs $50,000 (Doug Demuro review)

    Mustang GT. 301A manual PP1 $42K msrp. For $34.500 simple
  14. Camaro giant leaps, Mustang just enough (SS vs. GT)

    Don’t kid yourself the performance guys at the Ford And GM camps keep an eye on each other. You alway see them at Daytona 24 every year. Corvette, Ford GT and Mustang GT4 .It caught fire over the last 20 years. Oh yeah corvette’s new advertising slogan racing and winning for the past 20 years...
  15. Selling my GT350

    You waited 2700 miles for your first oil change. Maybe I missed something here. FYI Most people change their oil at 500 miles . I was told by a ford engineer back in 2016 these engines have contamination problems and to change the oil at 500 miles The 17 GS I had also recommended a 500 mile oil...
  16. 2018 Front End Conversion for 2015-2017

    This reminds me of the 14 C7 rear tail lights arguments. Most people who own a 15/17 mustang are not going to like any change period. This happens all the time with a refresh. The more 18/19 mustangs are out there the more people will chime in saying they like the current front. The new BMW 8...
  17. 2019 Camaro refresh to compete with 2018 Mustang refresh

    19 camaro a total disaster let’s hope the ME C8 hits a home run. This coming from a Corvette/ Mustang guy. The C8 forum most people think the base will be $65K . On a waiting list for one.