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  1. 2019 - Velocity blue

    Absolutely agree on the Too Good To Be's gorgeous IMO. It's like a steel grey with a heavy aqua pearl. I love it.
  2. Bill’s NEW 2018 Mustang GT: First Impressions and Build Thread

    Likely the same reason the grille delete won't work. Sensor location. The heat exchanger appears to mount in that location.
  3. 2019 MY Order Guide

    I got ya. I agree, it's far more likely that it'll be the same as a current production model such as the Fusion. I was just google searching and randomly came up with my theory, lol. I really like the Fusion color, it looks like it kind of leans toward a teal shade. I dig it.
  4. 2019 MY Order Guide

    Possibly the same Velocity??? Here is Ford AU Velocity Blue. Paint code DN. Could it be? Reminds me of Bright Atlantic Blue from the 98 Cobras :thumbsup:
  5. Stock 2018 GT Auto vs Tuned 2017 GT Auto

    If they are both running 93 octane, the 18 GT all day. If the "tune only" 15-17 can run an E85 tune, it may keep it close, but my money would still be on the 18. The stonger motor and gearing advantage makes for a quick stock car with the new GTs.
  6. 2018 GT vs 2016 Camaro - Track Times Compared w/Video

    Dude...I had to log in just to say that I almost fell over laughing at that.
  7. S650 cancelled?

    Meh...not buying it. In the second posted article, Ford was clearly eluding stating where production of the Fusion would continue, but not that it would no longer be produced... In any event, a delay of S650 means little to the Mustang nameplate/livelihood.
  8. 2019 Camaro vs 2019 Mustang

    Those tail lights look killer. Good thing I guess...
  9. 2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS vs. 2018 Ford Mustang GT | Comparison Test | Edmunds

    I'll never understand how .90g in cornering is considered poor...
  10. 2018 6 speed manual

    Looks like we have a 6 speed time finally. 12.2 by Evan Smith. A decent run, despite the "buzzing".
  11. Just leaked... youtube with a time slip

    The other threads are still on the forum, they just got moved to the same place that this one will inevitably be moved to...the drag race section.
  12. Picked up an Orange Fury 2018 GT PP on Saturday...

    OMG. I'm so sorry. Best wishes for her recovery.:brokenheart:
  13. Just leaked... youtube with a time slip

    Haha, that's awesome man. Nice list of cars there. I've had everything from Jags, to a Lincoln, Jeep, currently a VW. I can appreciate all things, except maybe those who can't.
  14. The infamous 18 GT pass...

    I thought it supremely odd that there was a hidden gem of a sis gen run which just happened to come to light after Evan's run as well. A friend of mine has spoken with the guy who ran the time (11.77), and he seems to be an honest fellow, so it is what it is. Eventually, the REAL dedicated...
  15. Considering picking up an 18 GT

    Not sure he was looking for life advice, though what you offered was valid. If you want it, buy it. But I'd definitely at drive a few manuals before deciding.
  16. Just leaked... youtube with a time slip

    They're both great cars. Pick your poison and have fun man. Those old third gens with an L98 weren't slow by any means. I spent a lot of time racing my buddy's 89 Formula 350 with my bolt on 95 GT, as a result, I have all the respect in the world for those cars. Brand loyalty is one thing...
  17. 2018 GT Stock Quickest Pass ?

    There are at minumum two other vids showing stock cars chirping in second and third. For goodness sake, I'd almost rather the cars not be performing as well...challenging that beloved pedestal makes this debate quite exhausting.