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  1. Georgia 2 x Toyo R888Rs 325/30/19

  2. New 1400rwhp TT build finally hits the Dyno

    Ah ok, all of that makes perfect sense lol. Yeah, I've got a couple of friends with 18XXhp GTRs and 1 of them, his is always breaking (even though he made fun of my mustang for doing the same initially haha), which is what made me look up GTR parts out of curiosity and to compare..and Jesus, I...
  3. New 1400rwhp TT build finally hits the Dyno

    Off topic but I thought that name looked familiar. Why the switch from the GTR?
  4. Georgia 2 x Toyo R888Rs 325/30/19

    Selling a pair of Toyo R888R tires in a size 325/30/19. *Reason for selling*: I bought these along with a set of wheels to have as my daily/street setup, but considering I now only drive the car maybe twice a month, I found no need for a "daily" setup. The tires only have 30 miles on them...
  5. Turbo catch can

    Same kit and yeah, passenger side gets nothing (clean side) and my driver side gets all of the blow by
  6. The perfect exhaust note?

    Never got to hear it in person even though this car is in the same city as me but I always thought this was the best sounding setup I've heard. Not sure how different it'd sound on the later cars but I figured a coyote was a coyote and always wanted to copy exhaust setup after this
  7. It's a sad day

    Yeah you'll get a new car, I wouldn't even see that as an issue or worry about it at this point. I'm just concerned about your back. Stuff may be ok initially but lifelong tweaks, pains and problems can come with stuff like that so I'd definitely be trying to get compensated for longterm and not...
  8. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    Nice car but be careful with it. I had a friend just get into a wreck with his because of the steering wheel locking up and he's not the only one who's had the issue.
  9. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    '17-18 GTR would be nearly a definite
  10. Be EXCEPTIONALLY CAREFUL about what you mention online right now...

    Man China over there changing the color of the sky and the EPA over here worried about longtube headers.
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Recently painted my brakes. Trying to break up this too much black thing lol.
  12. 15 fore fuel system issue ?

    My brand new pumps had gone out not even after a combined full week of driving, no half tank and under runs or anything of the sort. Faulty batch? I don't know. And yeah, the car wont turn over without fuel pressure. You should have a fuel pressure gauge in the engine bay. 1. Turn on the car...
  13. 2021 GT500: Manual Trans Option?

    +1 And if I cared about having a track monster, I wouldn't be putting my efforts into an S550 chassis anyway. On this platform, 3 pedals all the way for me.
  14. anyone have 345 wheel/tire on the rear

    Wow that looks good. What diffuser is that?
  15. 2021 GT500: Manual Trans Option?

    Same goes for the other side as well. Got the DCT and 10r80 guys trying so hard to convince the world that they're faster by either outright saying it or by trying to belittle another with slight obvious jabs. Who cares.
  16. Built coyote block

    I thought that too when he was asking a million questions about horsepower and how to make it etc..and then I saw he actually got the supercharger installed. So it's not like he didn't follow through on any of the information he was being given.
  17. Built coyote block

    Why the ban? Seemed unnecessary. Yeah he asked a lot of questions but it looked like he was just trying to learn. Maybe he wasn't into cars at all before this and all of this stuff is just hitting him all at once so he has a lot of questions. Throwing 5 figures into car and not knowing much I'm...
  18. What parts constitute a FBO car?

    Technically: FBO can be a lot of things. In general conversation: Headers, Intake manifold, CAI, Full Exhaust.
  19. Gear Ratio

    I don't have a whipple but I tried the play with the 3.73s first and see how I liked method, fun initially but when it comes to races, they're no fun in my opinion when boosted. You have to shift gears too much and too quick since you'll just blow through the rpms. You'll definitely eat up...
  20. Supercharged Mustang Hits 178 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

    Yeah it's a lot of power and when you're a kid, you don't respect it. I remember when I was in HS my friend had just got a new silver Trans AM WS6 and we were all oogling over it like it was the coolest thing we'd ever seen. The next morning as I'm riding to school on the bus, I see a car off to...