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  1. Next Gen Mustang Nascar | Ford Performance Release Video

    There's design cues from the new generation. Most likely just the face and side lines. But it looks no different.
  2. Next Gen Mustang Nascar | Ford Performance Release Video

    Next Gen Mustang Video Looks a lot like the same for the S650. What does everyone else think?
  3. Chirp/cricket noise at warm idle.

    My engine and car were built just 2 weeks before this was found out. Ugh. I do not want them to tear apart my engine like this. I don't want the techs touching it. After my intake replacement job was half assed.
  4. The Death of Sync has come.

    You already allow Alexa into the systems. I wouldn't be as worried with Google. As I've been a contractor on site. They are a good team. Compared to Amazon. They are not monetizing your audio files like AWS. From what I know.
  5. The Death of Sync has come.

    Ford has announced they will be introducing Android Auto. Into all vehicles and will be ending development on Sync QSX. Ford Announcement Thoughts?
  6. 20K Maintenance Questions

    Hey All, I've been taking care of my car, myself, besides the alignments. But I haven't seen an indepth look at what should be performed at the 20K service. I've been attentiative when doing my oil changes. Had some forest fires in the area. So cabin and engine air filters have been changed...
  7. Richard Hammond drives the 2021 Mach 1

    Well. I now have a unicorn. Tho. I now can buy the FP Shelby intake and ECU flash. So, no need now.
  8. 2018+ start button

    Best response. "Hold onto your tits!"
  9. 2018+ start button

    But how do people know my media is powered by Sync? They have to know!
  10. TSB 19-2140 - 5.0 Engine Chirping Noise

    I'll be honest. My Ford dealer fucked up the install of a warranty intake repair. Where the guy didn't take off the strut bar or cover and half assed the install. Where I had to undo all the parts. To properly attach the outlet to the throttle body. I will be brining this up with the service...
  11. TSB 19-2140 - 5.0 Engine Chirping Noise

    Noticed around 18900. At 20200 and taking it in next week. Car build date 4/8/2019. Fuck me.
  12. Richard Hammond drives the 2021 Mach 1

    I had a ticket on my 23rd hour with the car. I have not since as I use the ACC on the areas I know the cops love to sit.
  13. Richard Hammond drives the 2021 Mach 1

    Prior to shut down. I do a single road 175 mile drive on 101 into South Bay. It's perfect for me. I have a problem where the flex of constantly holding down the gas fatigues my one ligament and makes it unbearable to handle. This has made it I can work again. I need it.
  14. Richard Hammond drives the 2021 Mach 1

    If any of the Mach1's have adaptive cruise control. I'm in 1000%. There is a GT500 sitting at my dealer. I had them run my numbers, show how I could purchase and afford the car. BUT THERES NO ACC. Why the fuck not. So if they have it on the Mach1. Well, I guess I have my forever car. Because I...
  15. Richard Hammond drives the 2021 Mach 1

    Can anyone answer for me. Was he driving with the ACC unit attached on the front?
  16. Frickin Cheap Pressure Washers..

    Funny! My PW Team was by dropping fill just two days ago after a rain storm. I been working on the water actually getting to the drains properly And the roads have been a ton better. It's at a T stop sign and pass through and with the rocks that build up from the puddles of water. I get no...
  17. 2020MY Coolant confusion

    Sooooooo happy. I bought a few gallons of orange when I bought the car.
  18. Uknown screw

    In the future. Use IMGUR links for images.
  19. Lost Screw For Cabin Air Filter Door. Need part #.
  20. Lost Screw For Cabin Air Filter Door. Need part #.

    Thanks for the help Gents, I wanted to update later on last night. But I did find the part number successfully after posting. In the future for anyone. It is screw - Retainer Screw, Ford, W502660-S424 And again, thanks for the help anyways.