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  1. 60-130mph times for boosted cars

    Incredible! Ever measure 0-60? Curious what it was
  2. 2017 GT Prem. Rear end is stock and IMO dangerous - quick fix?

    Thanks All. Excellent advice. Drive safe everyone
  3. 2017 GT Prem. Rear end is stock and IMO dangerous - quick fix?

    Thanks BmacIL that sounds like excellent advice. I'll get on it much appreciated Roadway 5.0 thanks. It's got 64,000 Km or almost 40,000 miles. The rear has always seemed a bit loosey-goosey but I'll talk to the dealer and check the shocks and ask about the traction control. Thanks again guys
  4. 2017 GT Prem. Rear end is stock and IMO dangerous - quick fix?

    hi All, so I was doing 85 mph on the highway, tweaked the steering wheel to avoid a pothole and the damn rear end wobbled 3 times and I almost lost it. Love the car when I got it but tightened the front end with the engine crossbar. The front is fine now. But the rear continues to be a source...
  5. How many winter drivers

    Got mine Krown rust proofed today. Had the dealer do rust proofing when I bought the car but who knows how good that stuff is. Had Krown drill the holes in the doors so they could pump that stuff in. I had 2 Subaru Tribeca AWD SUVs with all seasons and the Mustang with Yoko IceGuards is much...
  6. For anyone thinking about doing the Steeda H-pipe on a 18-19 GT...

    I did this on my '17 GT. It's perfect. Not a lot louder inside the car, but it's deeper and when I step on it , it roars. Just what I wanted. At highway speeds zero drone, I can hold a normal conversation.
  7. People Suck - Bumper Scrape

    My previous car was a Subaru Tribeca. Parked it out of the way at a mall. Some asshat keyed it so hard he/she creased the metal So parking out of the way is good, but not asshat proof
  8. Bullitt shift knob

    I love this one. Even though mine is a '17
  9. Introducing Titan7 Forged Aluminum Wheels. Affordable Forged Wheels!

    Very impressive! Nice low weight as well
  10. What car has the most obnoxious drivers when you drive your S550.

    That's interesting - typically Camaro and Challenger/Charger guys are fairly respectful and vice versa - except the one Camaro guy that yelled "nice toy" Prius never had an issue with those guys. And in 2 years with this car and 18 previous I haven't had any tickets - lucky with this car as...
  11. What car has the most obnoxious drivers when you drive your S550.

    BMW and Mercedes drivers. They think they are better than others on the road
  12. Installed a Velossa Tech Big Mouth

    Cool vid Mazman. No questions except how is living in Sweden like? PM if you want Chers
  13. I love this GT...

    Loving my 2017 GT Premium even after 2 years. Wish I had popped for the upgraded leather instead of the stock leather though
  14. A tale of damages | malpractice at Wade Ford, GA

    Another vote for Fraser Ford - Oshawa. I bought my car at Formula Ford and aside from the salesman - who was good but didn't inform me that getting the upgraded leather would have been a smart move - Formula were dicks after the sale. Fraser has been good so far to me
  15. Quick Manual shifting advise!

    So true story. Sunday night my right shoe was killing me. Pulled it off at a stoplight. Drive with my sock foot on the gas pedal, shoe on the left foot. Clutching and then accelerating was different. More feel by having the foot super close to the gas when I was clutched in. Tried it...
  16. Quick Manual shifting advise!

    If the roads are dry i use track mode. Yes really. I don't rev high or drive fast but I keep up easily with traffic Also a lazy way is 1-3-5. You skip 2, 4 and 6. The car has plenty of torque so you won't damage it one bit
  17. 400A vs 401A Leather Seats

    If I'm doing it it will be full leather absolutely. I know there is a local company that installs Katzkin. I'll report back
  18. 400A vs 401A Leather Seats

    Thanks will check on them - appreciated
  19. 400A vs 401A Leather Seats

    Yes I don't get it. They do work on commission so they had nothing to lose by trying to upsell me. That upsell would have been great Now to get nice leather front seats will be $$$$$$$ darnit