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  1. Quickjack 5000SLX Review with the 350 & Swisstrax

    So the rust is it kind of ok to use? But if I am uneasy about it they probably will replace it? So even tho your warranty is over, they still replaced it? I have the self breathing vent, I wonder if I need to clean it once awhile, sometimes I don't use it and dirt gets collected up.
  2. Quickjack 5000SLX Review with the 350 & Swisstrax

    So far from my research it's all positive reviews on quickjack, any negatives from you quickjack owners? Is this correct, if it's set at the locking points then it's totally safe, and if that fails there is the hydraulic fluid that will hold the car up for a min or two so you can get out. (and...
  3. 2015 Stage 3 Makes 670/545

    hey thanks so much for the helpful response and offer, I am pretty sure I will be asking you questions! I actually checked 2 different forums and read 4,5 threads about the 670hp kit. didn't find answers I wanted so asked in this thread. thanks again! so you daily drive your GT huh, that's...
  4. 2015 Stage 3 Makes 670/545

    warranty covers up to $10,500, can that cover everything if something went wrong? engine, tranny, labor, 670hp kit etc if I get the car I plan to keep it for awhile, 6,8 years maybe you guys think it can last that long or better keep it stock. other parts of the car can handle...
  5. SEMA

    wow that's a lot of hp can't wait for the pricing and more info!
  6. SEMA

    is that add-on to 670 kit or a total different kit warranty for powertrain?
  7. 2015 Stage 3 Makes 670/545

    warranty covers up to 10,500 USD right? wonder how much is engine tranny and other necessary parts and labor. in quiet mode does it sound like stock or louder? I like it nice and quiet if driven normally.
  8. SEMA

    yeah would love the hear about the phase 2 kit, thanks
  9. 2015 Stage 3 Makes 670/545

    is this the link for authorized dealer? so for installation and future repair/warranty work, it's under "vehicle dealers" right? or parts dealer
  10. *** SOLD *** 670HP 2015 Mustang GT Premium PP *** SOLD***

    are you still selling it? is the price still the same? sucks that you are so far from me :(
  11. 2015 Stage 3 Makes 670/545

    might get a GT and put the 670hp kit on it, got some questions. Is there a link for authorized dealer so I can find one near me? for the kit installation and future repair/services I just go to any authorized dealer right? can't just go to any ford dealer. for the Warranty that's the...
  12. Somebody's trying to log in to my account

    I got this IP trying to login even if you look up the IP it can be fake or something? how can you tell if it's fake or real? why are the Chinese trying to hack mustang forum lol? what can they gain?
  13. Failed login notification

    got an email saying I have failed login, haven't visit the site in a long time was it just me or a lot of people got attempted login from unknown? The person trying to log into your account had the following IP address: tried to look up the IP and it's something proxy, anonymous...