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  1. Anyone else keeping their S550 at/near stock?

    2 years this week. Only mods are tinted lights, 2.3T side emblems and gt350 steering wheel. Summer only tires to AS
  2. How long do you plan on keeping your Mustang for?

    about 2 more years, dang seat feels like a lawn chair after a 5 hour drive.
  3. 2018 Mustang Exhaust mode video

    so happy I bought a boat, otherwise the 15 would turn into a 18GT. Ford thank you for all the new choices/options can't want to see Gen7 now. The exhaust option is bad to the bone.
  4. anybody else front tires wear out early on the inside?

    No I didn't buy this one from them but spend 110K at dealer in 2014/2015. The new service manger and I don't see eye to eye as the last dealer she was at in 2012 she tried to void my warranty on my 2011 GT because the rear tires were worn 1/8 more then front at 11,000 miles. MT82 issues and...
  5. anybody else front tires wear out early on the inside?

    At 15,000 miles on my ecoboost mustang and very inside of both front tires about to show cords while the rest of the tire looks good. Local dealer blew me off so fast it was ridicules. It is very obvious that this car alignment came f'ed up. I told myself never another ford if Ford wouldn't at...
  6. How much more is 18 worth?

    wait till the 18s are out and then pick, 17s will be the cheapest then and you keep gaining on money
  7. How much more is 18 worth?

    Just some turbo electric hybrid thingy with gt power.
  8. Ford still sending the private cash coupons out?

    got one last week in a fusion brochure expires 3/9/2017 less then 2 weeks, lol
  9. My collision..

    Clad you are still with us and that the 6g mustangs are a safe car. The main reason I drive one is crash ratings just in case.
  10. Ford Paid For My Tires

    Had the same issue on a GT at 4400 miles granted it had been all but been totaled before at 288 miles. Current Eco-boost, 1 rear wore out at 10,000 miles while the other looks half worn. I replaced with some good year A/S and have better traction all around. Never would I buy a P-zero as...
  11. 2015 Mustang EB I4 Reliability

    Got mine 8/15 that started built 12/14/14 and finished 1/5/15. Holiday close/open special. Solid as a rock and like brand new at 14,000 miles. But I'm 100% stock Spain motor and love the way the eco PP turns. Being that I'm race red I drive slow like an old man except turning, man how eco PP...

    Only bad part is us Texans now have to pay sales tax. Welcome to Texas Adam.
  13. BoostMAX and PedalMAX Upgrade Kit From Roush Yates Performance

    If you try the blowmax please have enough to pay for new motor 110% correct Ford can tell
  14. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    will have to see them on the lot first, lower front end and dash need to grow on me. Waiting for numbers on motors and pricing. Like a lot of the other changes.
  15. I did my FIRST Burnout Ever!! ^_^

    nice, you can activate line lock on all 15+ just a little programming.
  16. 2017 just got Rear-ended

    Nope just the one I used that was passed on to me so I still pass it forward.
  17. 2017 just got Rear-ended

    281-741-1670 is the number for the company I used for diminished value Ask for Ken,
  18. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    would you install if you had a Spain motor?