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  1. Shelby GT350 Subwoofer Upgrade

    he is offering the custom subs and CNC mounting plates, contact him directly/
  2. Shelby GT350 Subwoofer Upgrade

    I heard AF car for over an hour and could not believe the improvements, he is doing my car very soon I can not wait.
  3. Shelby GT350 Subwoofer Upgrade

    guys for anyone interested please contact my friend autofanatic directly, his email is [email protected] he is not a member of this forum or does he have time to tend to answering on here.
  4. Shelby GT350 Subwoofer Upgrade

    you beat me to it, AF is my friend I have an identical GT350 you see in some of his videos. I stopped by last week and this stereo now went from garbage to "incredible" I can not even explain what a huge improvement this is to the stock audio system. He is doing my car in a few weeks when he...
  5. Guys who upgraded to Red GT350R Calipers, bleeding questions

    wanted to know from anyone here who has done the caliper swap themselves and not at a Ford dealer. do you need a Ford IDS scan tool to unlock the ABS pump? I usually Motive bleed my cars but had a few issues on GM models in the past and had to get screwed by the dealer because of the ABS...
  6. Show me your black nuts

    great thanks for posting this link il order them today
  7. Show me your black nuts

    has anyone here used aftermarket lugs on the OEM GT350 wheels? I would like to get splined lugs but not sure of the seat will work on these wheels or not. Anyone?
  8. Whats your favorite jack stand?

    you can actually jack up one side at a time to do this with no jack stands if you have a good jack, the chassis is damn stiff and with the jack rails put it under the middle under the door, i did this on my 2015 like every week.
  9. Paint quality/withstanding winter (salt/snow etc)

    can you get a heater for your garage? do you have a local detail wash center near you? most of them should have shop heaters and would eliminate the water freezing. At my house I use hot and cold water at the garage supply and keep the water lukewarm. I have partial radiant heat under my...
  10. Paint quality/withstanding winter (salt/snow etc)

    I drove my 15 GT for 3 harsh NY winters and left it outside and when I sold the car (black) the guys who came to look at it thought it was repainted as it looked so damn good. The key is to just take care of the paint, wash it by hand and use a good wax or coating. You dont need films or fancy...
  11. Anyone selling their original GT350 brake calipers?

    PM me a price and condition, no rush looking for a donor set to send out for custom paint
  12. Stripes Bubbling up

    body shop replaced my stripes under warranty by local dealer. so far so good
  13. Anyone selling their original GT350 brake calipers?

    Looking for a donor set to send out for custom paint and logos. If any of you guys did the Red R caliper upgrade and want to part with the originals let me know. If anyone has a set send me a PM thanks
  14. Brake Squeal

    just watched this guys channel, take a look a Brembo squeal video just posted.
  15. GT 350 REviewer: Auto Frantic

    great channel he just posted a fix for the squealing Brembos we all have. just watched
  16. Does anyone have factory alignment specs on 350 and 350R to post?

    Local performance shops machine doesn't have specs and believe it or not the useless dealers also did not have it to share. Can anyone post up the specs for both models so we can use for a baseline. thanks
  17. Curious does anyone know if Michelin will make the P4S in OEM sizes?

    i think the Pilot SS is an awesome tire i honestly dislike the stretched sidewalls on these OEM sizes I just don't like the look aesthetically. I have owned so many sizes of the Pilot SS and none of them were stretched like this. It just reminds me of the whole Stance Import car scene i would...
  18. Curious does anyone know if Michelin will make the P4S in OEM sizes?

    Curious as I am anxious to try a set of these tires out. a few friends put them on their M cars and 991 Porsche and say they are awesome. They only offer a 350R lower aspect ratio spec now which most guys are running but i need more sidewall for where I drive. Does anyone have any info on...
  19. Shelby GT350/350R Shifter Buzz Rattle Repair Solution PLEASE READ

    yes i plan to but need to stitch the seam, haven't decided on the look just yet, who knows when il have time to do it. I might do a single top stitch in light gray to match the ones on the door inserts, not a fan of the double stitch since nothing on this car is double stitched except the...