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  1. Post Pictures of Your Car

    Durango SRT with 335 MPSS on all four corners.
  2. Florida WTB: 2 Michelin 315/30/19 or 325/30/19 Tires in Good Shape

    Seeking 2 Michelin 325/30/19 or 315/30/19 non-runflat tires in good shape. My location - Jacksonville, FL
  3. GT Pair (2) OEM GT350 19x11 wheels

    How much do they weigh?
  4. New York SOLD Forgeline GA1R - GT350 factory size except offset

    How much did these wheels weigh?
  5. Outside of North America FS APEX SM-10 19X10 WHEELS

    Are those the anthracite or silver finish?
  6. ► APEX | Flow Formed Lightweight Mustang Wheels - Built to Perform

    Are the SM-10 wheels in stock in this Mustang fitment and finish? If so, how long to get to 32207 once ordered? 19x10 offset 40 anthracite 19x11 offset 52 anthracite
  7. Outside of North America FS APEX SM-10 19X10 WHEELS

    What are the offset and weight?
  8. Post Pictures of Your Car

    Thank you! Chevy was running huge rebates on corvettes but once I got to the dealer and saw this Camaro, I had to have it. Put 20x12 wheels on all corners with 335/345 Michelins on it. The Chevy techs couldn’t believe they fit.
  9. Got 20x12 Wheels w/ 335’s/345’s on My Challenger Today

    Ha, for some reason it’s impossible to get a pic that shows how truly wide tires are once on the car. But elsewhere on the internet I found a shot of 345 Michelins that does them justice...
  10. Got 20x12 Wheels w/ 335’s/345’s on My Challenger Today

    Typo 335’s. Sitting flush on the stock suspension. The 345’s are out back. These things have crazy amounts of room. There is s guy who got 345’s on the front of his Widebody Challenger on 11.5” wheels.
  11. Got 20x12 Wheels w/ 335’s/345’s on My Challenger Today

    Stance SF03 20x12 on all four corners with MPSS 335/30/20 up front and 345 Michelins out back. Feels so planted and has such a massive amount of grip now. Love how this monster drives with the steamrollers installed.
  12. Wheels with 19x11" rears, what are the affordable options?

    How much do the 20” versions weigh?
  13. Rear Wheel Widening.

    You guys killed it on the widening projects. I’m putting my GTR wheel project on hold rather than jumping to the big spend on the widening. Best case, I was going to be $2,100 into it with the machining, widening, spacers, extended studs, etc. When new sets of fully forged 20” wheels can be...