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  1. Vote for Liquid Blue!

    I'd much much much rather see Grabber Blue. It would work so beautifully with this generation.
  2. Which seat would you choose? Which ones do you guys think look the best?
  3. okey dokey here are my finally first impressions on my 15 Mustang GT

    So I picked her up this week: GT, 3.55s, Auto, Race Red. First impression on the dealership floor she looks ok.. Get her out to the roads and Im noticing virtuallly no reaction to the new Mustang. Yes one in a zillion people smipe but thats it. This is so counter to the rockstar status I got in...
  4. Back Seat Seatbelts.

    Unless I have Purrinsky my lifesize plush lion with me (yup I still keep him around from childhood heh) then no I dont keep them on. It looks a little weird to me, like you have ghost passengers or something ;-) But when my lion is riding, he's always strapped in, but he rides shotgun almost...
  5. Weight GT Premium vs base

    We've become obsessed with weight because they've turned these cars into bloated fat pigs. I mean even my 05 GT was only 3500 lbs. Every generation they keep getting heavier and heavier and larger and larger. I dont know what the heck they are thinking. I mean for me the old Mustangs (60s 70s...
  6. Dashboard for GT Performance Package + 50th year appearance package???

    For the millionth time, you get the performance package dash.
  7. Ford Performance: 50 Years of Fun

    I like the old Mustangs so so much more. Just the size diffefence alone. Love Mustangs but the new ones are whales.
  8. One-Touch windows on convertible

    I would guess the reason is because theres a sensor near the top of the door panel that measures if an arm was stuck in and stops the one up operating. The convertible doesnt have an upper door or roof so no one up. Completely a guess. Has anybody tried sticking their arm through the window...
  9. Would you buy Ecoboost if Ford offered V6 Premium?

    It might only be for Canada. I have no idea but I dont think US spec cars use the led fogs for DRLs. Id have to go look at mine. But Im crazy I drive with my headlights on all the time. Force of habit from owning a 05 Mustang. You always wanted to keep em on including fogs to intimidate the snot...
  10. Would you buy Ecoboost if Ford offered V6 Premium?

    Yup they have to in Canada. Those halogen fogs are also the day time running lights for Canada. DRLs are mandated for all cars in the great white north.
  11. Need help picking options, preparing to order....

    I don't know. The moment you put in the 4000 premium it throws the thrift out the window. You can get the exact same performance (actually the base would be faster because of weight) with a base GT. You can even add leather seats later like I did. Better leather seats than Ford will ever make. I...
  12. What Octane Fuel?

    Yup I use ethanol free 92 puregas. You can go on the pure gas web site to find non ethanol stations.
  13. Weight GT Premium vs base

    I dont presume to say they lied. But they never came out and said exact weights by model precisely. That poster laid it out pretty well and gave good justifications listing out components that added the incremental weight.
  14. Weight GT Premium vs base

    I heard the weight for the base GT is even lower than that and consequently the weight savings from the premium is even more. There was a poster in the forums here which spelled it out a few months ago. Its more like 200 lbs
  15. Wards: Where's the Eco in Ecoboost?

    I'm definitely more on the 'New Mustang sounds disappointing' camp. Now Im talking strictly V8 because I just havent driven or even heard any of the other models. But they did a horrid job on the stock 5.0 exhaust this go around. Its not just bad, its abysmal in my opinion. And the fact that it...
  16. Would you buy Ecoboost if Ford offered V6 Premium?

    Seriously? This model comparison stuff needs to end. This is like the fifth topic this week and they all lead to resentment from one set of owners to another. V6, Ecoboost, GT. Just end this nonsense.
  17. How Much Was Your Registration?

    They must have a motor vehicle excise tax. Some states do that.
  18. After 6 months, my ruby red GT PP is here!

    People who haven't seen Ruby Red in person need to go look before committing. I thought it was beautiful in pictures too, and it is with perfect light hitting it. But when I saw it in person sitting in front of a dealership it looked flat and dark. Didnt like it at all.
  19. Mustang GT vs 911Turbo

    He probably wasn't serious about really racing you at all. His car is multiples faster than yours, so its more of just an amusement for a quick minute.
  20. Need help picking options, preparing to order....

    You're squarely aiming at exactly what I ordered. GT Base Auto with 3.55 gears. Do it. Awesome car.