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  1. The perfect exhaust note?

    That is the correct answer.
  2. TKM built coyote motors

    I would go with TKM or BES with out any hesitation.
  3. Pumps always on or one with boost?

    I prefer staged. Run it off a hobbs switch.
  4. Anyone else fed up with Consumers Reports?

    I averaged 23mpg with my 18 PP1 GT
  5. More Procharger questions

    Depends on how close you are to the limit of the fuel you are using.
  6. 2019 Nitrous Intake Manifold? DP Plates? Standard Plate?

    Sorry i read your post wrong. Working and skim reading are the worst. lol. I thought you were looking for a hidden kit. I think Nitrous outlet offered a money maker kit they used to build. You will have to call them. Not on website. When i worked for one of the biggest vendors I ordered...
  7. What package/option is this?

    I just sold my 2018 GT PP1, I had the Performance pack, cloth seats, non heated or cooled and i had the big touch screen but no nav. I wanted the large screen so i could run android Auto. I use Waze for maps. Then i don't have to deal with upgrading stuff for the factory nav. Only issue i ran...
  8. Fore duel pump with fc3 install

    On a car that sees street it usually is not advised. Track only car, who cares.
  9. New GT - Time for Twins

    No i get you. The fuel systems can vary greatly in what they include. That's why it would be best to talk to him. Some companies list fuel kits, but they dont come with a controller so you have to wire both pumps running all the time, install a hobbs switch etc.
  10. Ssr Star wheel rear rim

    Also a 15" rim will not fit an IRS car with out having different brakes in the rear. 11-14 a 15 will clear the stock brakes.
  11. New GT - Time for Twins

    Just give Terry a call and ask him. Beefcake racing. 513-478-1965
  12. TKM Motorsports

    I would go with TKM or BES engines.
  13. Roush S3 - Thoughts on oil

    I use Driven Oil. Look it up.
  14. 2017 vs 2018

    I thought i really wanted to NAV when i got my 18 PP! GT last July. I ended up just getting the bigger screen without NAV. I am glad i did. Through Android auto i use Waze and or Google maps. That means i never have to buy an updated card or download a new version through a USB for either or...
  15. Large single turbo

    I have a 18 but i am leaning towards this BL Fabrications Kit.
  16. Winter Tire Suggestions 2019 GT PP1

    I am in Ohio and i use Cont. DWS 06 tires in 255/40/19 for winter tires. I got a smoking deal on some ford 19in Eco premium wheels with ford tpms for 450 shipped last year.
  17. 2019 GT PP1 wheel and tire questions

    Another question for you is, Do you plan on driving this in the winter with snow as well?